Sacred Travel…Thingvallier, Exploring the Great Riff [part 4/salicrow goes to Iceland]

The Law Rock of Althing/1st Democratic Parliament of the World

This was a big one for me on this trip.  I have been dreaming of the Lake and the Riff itself since I began planning this trip.  Today I was not disappointed….I brought two Crystals with me to Thingvellier and was given clear signs on where they were to go.  One went into the the cracks at the Law Rock.  I chucked the Crystal in when no one was looking & then laid down near it and did a bit of quiet Toning (Sacred Singing).  I would have been louder with my Toning, but the Law Rock was a very populated area of the park.

The second stone was placed in a less populated area, where I could do a bit more work.  It was a place that called to me personally and triggered more past life memories.

Crystal Grid work @ the Kano crevice in Thingvellier

I was walking in the North end of the Riff when I saw Kano (Rune for Opening & expansion) in the rocks.  I stopped and did ceremony…tossing the Crystal deep into the crack, Toning, sprinkling Sacred Water (water I have collected from many holy spaces) & meditating.  I was aware that other tourist had stopped to take pictures of me working, but I was deeply connecting to the place and my own personal experiences there from past lives.

Thanks for following my adventures in Iceland, I apologize for the typos (I’m still typing on my keyboard and using my phone for a screen, LOL).  Here are a few pictures to help you see the beauty and power of this Magnificent spot.

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