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Sacred travel…Snaefessjokul, Elemental Magic [Salicrow goes to Iceland]

Yesterday we spent the day exploring the Snaefellness Peninsula & basking in the energy of Snaefessjokul.  Snaefessjokul is an ancient Volcano that is covered by a Glacier, the combination of fire & ice gives it a truly exceptional energetic vibration.  If that was not enough it also is located on powerful Ley Lines ( Earth Energy lines) that make it even more magnificent.  The Ley lines of Snaefessjokul connect it directly to the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt & Chitzen Itza in Mexico.  This triangulation makes it a phenomenonal energy to experience.  I could keep going with reasons why the peninsula was so amazing to experience energetically..from Vortexes to Holy Mountains, the Snaefellness Peninsula is the bomb!  Add in; as my friend Susan would say ‘Eyemazeballs’ views every time you look around and quite you get a bit of a feel for what it is like to explore the Snaefellness.  I would visit it again before leaving if it was not so far away.

I knew about the ley lines & energy of Snaefessjokul before coming to Iceland, and knew that I needed to add the Peninsula to my Crystal Grid work on the island.  It wasn’t until doing Journey work @ Thingvellier that I knew I must go to the end of the Peninsula and the base of the volcano itself.

The Snaefellness Peninsula is home to more then a Glacial topped Volcano, as spectacular as that is; Snaefessjokul was the Volcano in Jules Verne’s, Journey to the Center of the Earth.  Among other treasures on the Peninsula is Mount Helgafel, which was extremely sacred during Heathen times, with a connection to the God Thor.  It is still seen as a sacred mountain today with pilgrims journeying from near and far to make wishes on the Mount.  Mount Helgafel was the first stop on our sacred journey to the peninsula.  Legend/lore has it that one must climb the mountain in silence, never looking back.  At the top you can make 3 wishes to the God Thor.

My experience at Mount Helgafel was more profound then I expected.  I am in a place in my life where things are going pretty well, and I did not feel like I had a lot of wishes I needed to make personally.  I did however want to place a Crystal for the Grid there.  As I ascended the small mountain in silence, weaving back and forth along the winding trails; similar to walking a labyrinth I decided that my wishes were for others.  By the time I had reached the top, my wishes were more tangible in form, well thought out.  In manifestation it is important to clearly know what you wish for.  I got to the top, and entered the prayer chamber, I placed each wish with the gift of a small Azeztuite Crystal.  With each prayer the Crystal would chink down through the rocks settling somewhere hidden.  I placed my wand/needle in the ground and gave my prayers to the land there.  At that point I clearly heard that my services would be needed for a year and a day.  This shocked me a bit, as I was not praying/wishing for myself & no one had mentioned a bargaining with the Gods was necessary.  I did not hesitate in my answer though.  I agreed to working/learning from the God Thor & proceeded down the mountian a bit in shock.  *Please note-as I have said many times…my view on God/Goddess is that God is God no matter what you call it.

After my ‘Wow’ experience we were off again, heading to the Volcanic-Glacier, Snaefessjokul.  Snaefessjokul is like a sleeping Giant.  It is hard to explain the energy there, but a few words do come to mind….primitive, intense, elemental, raw, powerful.  Standing in the shadow of Snaefessjokul is humbling.  You feel the energy under your feet and it shakes you a bit, creating a feeling of unsteadiness (in a good way).  I believe in many ways the best way to describe the energy of the Mountain is alive.  I place 3 Crystals at the base of Snaefessjokul and will remember it’s energy for the rest of my life.  By placing the Crystals there, energetically I have connected to the Pyramids of Giza & Chitzen Itza.  The rest of the ride around the Snaefellness Peninsula was a delight for the eyes and body.   Some people in the van slept almost the entire ride, this is actually quite common when exposed to intense Earth Energy.

Well I am off  for another day of adventure.  My time in Iceland is winding down and I will soon be returning to my home in Vermont.  I hope you have enjoyed the read Folks.  Please excuse the typos, I’m still typing on my phone as my IPad will not charge.

Spreading love-Salicrow

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