Sacred travel…Snaefessjokul, Elemental Magic [Salicrow goes to Iceland]

The Snaefellness Peninsula is home to more then a Glacial topped Volcano, as spectacular as that is; Snaefessjokul was the Volcano in Jules Verne’s, Journey to the Center of the Earth.  Among other treasures on the Peninsula is Mount Helgafel, which was extremely sacred during Heathen times, with a connection to the God Thor.  It is still seen as a sacred mountain today with pilgrims journeying from near and far to make wishes on the Mount.  Mount Helgafel was the first stop on our sacred journey to the peninsula.  Legend/lore has it that one must climb the mountain in silence, never looking back.  At the top you can make 3 wishes to the God Thor.

Well I am off  for another day of adventure.  My time in Iceland is winding down and I will soon be returning to my home in Vermont.  I hope you have enjoyed the read Folks.  Please excuse the typos, I’m still typing on my phone as my IPad will not charge.

Spreading love-Salicrow

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