Sacred Travel…Elves, Past LIfe RecallJohn Lennon & Odin [part 2/salicrow goes to Iceland]

chairs in the church attic set up for a Healing Circle

While waiting for the Island I ran into a Nun who had taken a vow of silence.  Meeting her stood out to me, even though our passing was brief and without words.  She picked at my Psychic mind, like I should know her or something.  After my brief encounter with the Nun I boarded the Ferry and took the 15 minute trip to the Island.  On our arrival we noticed the dock was filled with school children about 7-8 years old who were waiting to take the Ferry back to the mainland.  As the Ferry was secured a young girl looked at me and said “What’s your name?”  And for a brief moment I didn’t know what to tell her, my own name had left my mind.  I finally said that my name was Sali and she told me that her name was Anna.

As soon as I got off the Ferry and stepped onto the land, I almost burst into tears.  I was overcome with emotion and knew that I was going to have a profound Psychic Experience.  I told my husband that I was overcome by the land and needed to get away from people as it truly is a bit weird to be balling for no apparent reason in public.  We made our way to the top of the highest hill where I sat for a moment against a standing stone (a series of standing stones were erected on the Island in the 1990’s).  As I sat meditating I knew that I had lived there, without a doubt.  I also knew that I had been a Healer and that there was terrible illness on the Island.  But I did not think it was a plague.  My husband and I eventually made it down to the visitors center of the Island that had information on the Island.  We discovered that the Island had been used at one point as an Infirmary.  Upon further exploration we entered the Church, which is the oldest Christian Church in Iceland.  Upon walking into the Church,  I was again overcome with emotion.  I cried and cried, knowing that I had sat in those pews many, many time.  I experienced clear memories, including the thoughts and emotions that had been mine those distant years ago.

future Temple of the Norse God-

spreading love-Salicrow

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