Recharging my Batteries...

My 'sisters' brought me camping for my 50th birthday, it was a delightful time of laziness, lounging by the water, deep conversation by the fireside, and otherworldly beings. In truth, it was a combination-celebration in which my gal-pal Corey's birthday present;3 campsites along the water reserved last August by her fella last august, with the first day being utilized as my birthday fest, deep dive into the wyrdness of nature, and the rest of the weekend filtering in our partners and some of the kids that make up our tribe.

While we were staying in a public place; the Maidstone Lake State Park, there was a great deal of wild and wyrd where we stayed. The spaces we had were the last along the lake before the Loon Preserve, and the sounds and sights of nature were truly fabulous. Loons and Bullfrogs sang to us through the night, and the rocks surrounding the campsite carried an enchantment as the space between the worlds was thin there. (Something I was able to catch in a couple of our evening photos coming up). There was a wobbliness about the landscape that anyone with a connection to the otherworld would sense immediately; as the lights, sounds, and general feel of the place were altered.

We all need time outside of our normal reality, a time when the phone doesn't ring and there is no wi-fi to connect with. We need time to play in the mystery of life, engage in our senses, and allow ourselves to feel the full intoxication of life! Feeling our feet sink into the sand, and the sun infusing our being with its rays is necessary to living a full life. We need to stop taking ourselves so seriously for a minute and get down to the innocent exploration of the world we experienced as children. We need to laugh, to splash in the water, and recharge ourselves with the glory of spending time close to the earth (and water).

We stayed in a place that was truly enchanted. Perhaps it was the closeness to the Loon sanctuary that made the space so special; marking it a sacred place inside a protected forest, or perhaps I am just someone who can find these places wherever I go, regardless it was a place filled with elemental beings.

****Look closely at the green mist to the right of my friend Corey, look for faces***