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As an Elemental Witch, I often turn to nature when I find myself overstimulated by the world at large. Feeling the feels of our climate crisis world; with all its fear and chaos, I find that the simplicity of sitting on my porch listening to the birds, with the breeze blowing across my face is a place of sanctuary!

Growing up in the 70s & 80’s I had the luxury of remembering life before bottled water was necessary; when hiking meant filing your canteen from the river, and the National Wildlife messages on the television telling us not to pollute were a reminder not to throw your trash out the window when driving. In this time before the true meaning of pollution was known to the common folks; I remember seeing a garbage barge floating down the river in one of the big cities on the way from my rural childhood home to my grandmother’s house outside of the country’s capital. I was both horrified and in awe at the same time! Where did all that trash come from, and why were they floating it down the river? Where was it going, and what would become of it? I had been to the town dump in my rural town; it too was a place of awe and fear for me, in my child’s mind I just couldn’t comprehend where it all went…now in my adult mind, I know the bigger picture; that pollution is far more than trash on the side of the road, and I still find myself overwhelmed by the experience.

Even when our personal world is running rightly there is a shit-show going on all around us! It’s understandable why so many people are finding themselves struggling with anxiety, depression, and empathic overload, particularly when we incorporate the modern world's separation created by life inside the box! Television, computers, and smartphones make staying connected to the world of technology, social media, and ‘news’ easy, but the glut of these things often disconnects us from the natural world and the part we play in it.

My relationship with the natural world was nurtured in my childhood by parents who were avid hikers, and campers, as well as a grandmother who practiced the old ways and nurtured my psychic awareness alongside my relationship with the elements. I learned early that we were a part of nature, and that nature had a consciousness of its own; a communal oneness I later learned was called The Genius Locus. Magic is not just about spells and divination, it's about living a life more connected to the world around us, and it requires us to expand and contract our consciousness regularly. It asks us to let go of pragmatic beliefs and dares us to release what does not serve us. It reminds us that we are co-creators in life and how we process the heaviness of everyday living is up to us. This is particularly true of Elemental Witchcraft with its roots woven with those of nature spirits, and elemental forces. In this collaborative work, we are able to nurture one another, giving our thanks and offerings to the elemental beings and rejuvenating our weary souls in the energy that naturally radiates.

We need nature, and I don’t mean this in some abstract way, I mean if we are going to survive in this chaotic time of climate crisis, we need to develop a relationship with nature and the elements; whether it be walking in the park, soaking in our tub, or doing ritual in a stone circle. We need to listen, to the breeze; knowing that sometimes it contains Sylph (Elemental Air Spirits) that are coaxing us with their sweet sounds, and feel the earth beneath our feet knowing that the green world is far more deeply connected than we know. We need to call out to sing to the Undines when we visit the river, and let the blaze of a fire comfort us when we feel lonely and afraid of the world.

In this time of expanding consciousness, we need to be connected to Nature’s web with as much dedication as we have for the web of the internet! I am not against technology, in fact, I think it brings richness to both practical life and magic. But I do feel we are living in a time of spiritual starvation in which the average person feels an emptiness inside of them and an emptiness that nature can help fill. You do not need to practice witchcraft to engage in a relationship with nature. You can simply enter the relationship at whatever level feels good to you. It may be as simple as sitting in your yard for ten minutes at the end of your work day, but it can be as elaborate as full moon rituals at the altar you built in the woods behind your home…you decide what is right for you!

I know that like myself many of us are here on purpose. We didn’t just happen into life at this time of global change on accident! Knowing this, we need to prepare ourselves, and create rituals and ceremonies that feed our soul; even if those rituals are simply practicing stillness in nature. When we do so with intention and an open heart, our world expands bringing with it a new sense of belonging in the world. We begin to see the changes in nature that show us what is coming, we develop relationships with places and beings that help us decompress from the wild chaos of the modern world. In doing these simple acts of connection we also find ourselves; hidden there behind the worries and overthinking, ready to be present!

I invite you to go outside with intention, sit in a sunny spot, and explore the mossy bits, river beds, and backyards of your world. Keep a journal, and watch your relationship develop! We are part of nature; something we need to remember if we are going to thrive in this changing world. Remember yourself…

spreading love-salicrow

“In The Path of Elemental Witchcraft, Salicrow takes readers into her cave of interconnectedness and sacred communication with a wealth of information and offerings that enable practitioners of any level to develop a richer relationship with the elements and elemental beings from many different origins. Salicrow does not simply tell you how to walk through the shadow, she teaches you how to see within the veil of its profuse darkness.” ― Jenn LeBlanc, elemental enchantress


“This is a book that has been long overdue and whose time has come! Salicrow shows her authentic self and her expertise in every word. She writes in a direct and easy-to-understand manner that makes you feel you are right there with her. Spirit Speaker is a detailed and all-inclusive guide for anyone who wishes to explore the skill or desires to learn what the spirit world is like from both sides of the veil. From current beliefs, communication, and energy exchange to being a death doula, Salicrow writes with firsthand knowledge, and it shows. This book will not disappoint!” ― Cat Gina Cole, author of Psychic Skills for Magic and Witchcraft


Salicrow's Elements of Magick Collection



I will be out of the country from April 22nd-May 5th visiting my ancestral home...Ireland! This is my 3rd trip to the Emerald Isle, and I will be staying on a 700 acres estate with woodland paths and a stream. I will post sporadically on my Facebook & Instagram accounts and share stories with you all upon my return. Appointments can be made for my return through my website or by emailing


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