Nature is my Church

I woke yesterday with a restlessness that would not be satiated with ordinary life; reading, writing, and crafting could not settle the wild rumpus that was stirring in my soul. I needed to be outside, surrounded by trees, water, rocks, and elemental spirits. I called my sister and said if she wasn't busy I was going to stop by for a visit and was pleasantly surprised when she said "What are you doing, come get me, I will go with you".

Not surprisingly we found ourselves at the Ammounousuc River along the backside of the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH, as it is one of our sacred places, where we have gone since childhood. As kids we swam and climbed on the boulders, sunbathed and barbequed with our parents and their friends. It was a weekend staple of our lives, and the place I almost drown when I was a kid. (I wrote about this in my book Jump Girl-

As adults my sister Sandy and I have explored the woods and rocks surrounding the river and have developed relationships with the elemental beings; particularly the Trolls and Undines, that make this sacred place at the base of Mount Washington home. In the process of forming these relationships, we have become stewards of the Genius Locus (Spirit of Place) that resides there. This means we clean up garbage, make offerings, and often do a bit of rearranging when sacred spaces are drawing too m