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Judgement is card twenty of the Major Arcana, which in many decks depicts the biblical scene of one's righteousness being judged at the end of times. Having traveled the path crafted by the major arcana we witnessed the progression of the soul; from stepping off the edge of the cliff as the fool, gathering our tools as the magician, facing our fears and shadow with the Devil, and expanding our consciousness through many a trial and tribulation along the way, we now stand in a place of evaluation; in which we are judged. But where old school bible fear may have us quivering in fear at such a thought the images on the card speak otherwise; often showing calm and joyful faces looking to the heavens.

While the Judgement card does represent the act of being judged, it is also a card of rebirth; and is occasionally named such, as in the Druid Craft Tarot Deck. By seeing the card in such a manner our view becomes one more focused on the growth of the soul and less on punishment; which is in truth the nature of the card. This is important when using the major arcana as a soul map of soul development. For when we arrive at Judgement it is expected that we have traversed the plethora of experiences presented to us by the previous cards. Judgement or Rebirth in this fashion is designed to be experienced as a right of passage in which we move forward into a new, wiser incarnation of self.

While the Judgement card can be a joyous card of earned recognition, and aspired growth, it is also a card that holds the power of true sight. Often depicted with an angel overlooking a man and a woman; presenting the angel as the judge of their souls, it shows that the truth will be revealed, weighed, measured, and evaluated; that judgment will prevail! This is helpful to recognize for when it shows up in a reading it is important to feel into it, and really look at the other cards that surround it, noting that whenever Judgement is present the truth of the situation will be noted and judged appropriately.

Like the Egyptian god Anubis weighing souls at death, Judgement has no bias!

If Judgement is showing up for you in readings make note of your own judgment, are you being unbiased in your evaluation of yourself or others? Are you feeling the judgment of others and if so do you feel that it is just and true? Judgement asks us to see clearly, to evaluate our situation from a point of balance and truth, and often it asks us to look at ourselves with true vision, recognizing our growth as well as the areas of our soul that may need tending; for the journey presented by the major arcana is not a one-trick pony, but a horse of many colors meant to be a traveling companion again and again, as we expand our consciousness and grow throughout life.

When Judgement comes in in regards to others it is generally meant as a heads up that the truth will be revealed and the person/situation in question will receive what they deserve. This is a quiet reminder that we do not need to obsess over it, that it is not our place to dole out punishment or right the wrongs, but that a higher power is at play in the situation. Regardless of whether Judgement shows up for us personally or for another entirely, it is a powerful card that shows that the situation is being minded by the Universe and things will be set right and true!

spreading love-salicrow

Judgement is part of a 22 part series that you can find here on my blog. If you have been traveling along with me on this journey through the major arcana, we are near to the end, as next week we will cover the final trump card The World. (Remember The Fool is card 0 and 22, falling both at the beginning and end of the major arcana). You can find here on my blog-

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