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I love the dark time between Christmas and New Year's Day when the festivities have died down and there is a collective sigh of completion. We know the year is done and there are not likely to be many 'accomplishments' before the year is born new again, and we get a collective reset. This time of stillness is a blessing filled with the potential of becoming which we can utilize if we simply take the time to listen to our hearts and souls. Darkness has a way of making us think deep soulful thoughts, the kind that gets us questioning our purpose and the very nature of our being. There are a plethora of opportunities to explore ourselves when the night comes early and the shadows are long. While many people simply wait out the last days in a semi-hybernating state those who are magically inclined know that this is a potent time of gestation in which the seeds of the new year are being fertilized by our thoughts!

Like many, I still have to work; which means I do not have a full week of lounging about, but instead must take advantage of the dark crevices of time when they present themselves. As an Elemental Witch, I find that nature and the elements offer me the perfect atmosphere for such contemplation; long baths after work, outdoor fire with magical friends, and gray-sky walks offer me the solace necessary to creatively dance with my becoming. I do not press for answers during this time instead I open my mind and receive the stories that fill my aura.

Understanding that this time of darkness is precious and that the collective pause we share with the majority of the world is truly magical it is a noteworthy time for checking in with ourselves through divination and inner work. One of the easiest ways to do so is by connecting with our energetic field and allowing that which surrounds us to show us a different view of ourselves.

Aura-The energetic field/biofield that surrounds all living things.

Our aura is constantly moving and changing, filled with information our soul carries, and influenced by those we surround ourselves with. It is a psychic map of who we are at the moment, and what we are becoming!


To those with psychic sight (clairvoyance), the Aura is often perceived in shifting colors and pulsing energy; much like viewing heat off the sidewalk. For those that are clairsentient (the ability to perceive psychic and emotional energy) the aura often feels slightly electric or like a soft boundary; much like that of moving through water. Learning to read our own aura is in my opinion something best done in near darkness in front of a mirror; ideally with a light-colored, unadorned wall behind us. However, those of us who have developed skills for connecting with our energetic body (aura) can do so wherever we are. For this exercise, I recommend using the mirror.

It is important to note that along with our own thoughts and emotions our aura is also influenced by the spirits that surround us; such as seen in the picture above in which I have a spirit visually presenting itself in my aura.

You will need- A mirror in a dark room, preferably with a blank wall behind you. A candle or two, your altar, incense or sacred spray, your book of shadows, and a pen.

  1. Begin with creating sacred space for yourself, setting up your altar in a way that you feel supported. Light your candle and incense and make sure the room is set so you do get disturbed.

  2. Call in your spiritual allies; ancestors, deities, and spirit guides, and surround yourself in white light by imagining there is a pinprick of white light in the center of your Heart Chakra (in the middle of your chest), and that with every breath you take you extend that light to completely surround you; activating your aura.

  3. Engage Wide-Angle Vision by focusing on your peripheral vision as you bring your breathing into a deeply relaxed state.

  4. With your eyes lidded allow yourself to use all of your senses as you focus in on your energetic body/aura. Notice any colors that you see or that come to come into your mind's eye, or thoughts, as well as any feelings you perceive.

  5. While looking at yourself through Wide-Angle vision ask these 3 questions giving ample time for each. It's important that you take at least 5 minutes with each question, and that you use an objective mind; viewing yourself as the observer, not the one being observed.

  6. *Who am I becoming?

  7. *What shall I focus on this coming year?

  8. *How do I best support these goals?

  9. Make note of anything or anyone you experience in your energetic field.

  10. Finish up your ceremony by writing your experience in your Book of Shadows and thanking your spiritual allies. You can repeat this technique as many times as you need. Remember we all receive information in different ways, some of us see, some of us feel, some know and some are told as if they hear a voice speaking to them.

May your new year be filled with love, joy, and a good dose of magic!

spreading love-salicrow


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