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Communicating with my Past and Future selves

I have always experienced myself in the multiple; having communicated with myself since childhood. Not the simple chatter people do all the time, but the kind of communication in which my past and future selves are separate beings than my present self with their own opinions and insights. As a kid, this communication was done primarily through the use of mirrors, and lucid dreaming, but through many profound experiences with Spirit I have developed the ability to connect with the other Sali's when need or synchronicity requires.

When my present self is the one choosing the communication I enter a gentle trance state similar to that which I use for communicating with the spirits of Nature and the Beloved Dead. When my younger selves are the ones choosing when to communicate there is little consideration to what the future/present Sali is doing. The Sali's who have experienced the mind-expanding adventures of Kundalini opening and Shamanic recreation of self are a bit kinder; generally choosing to communication will be received by the present Sali while meditating or in the bath.

Today on my way home I was listening to Donovan's Greatest Hits; which brought me to thinking about my young adult years with memories of playing it over and over again as it was one of the only tapes I had in my car. I sang along reminiscing in a simple, joyful way until the song 'Atlantis' came on. Within moments I was sobbing, and could intensely feel my 20-year-old self driving in the summer sun. She/me was also singing, but her mind was contemplating whether or not she should stay with her boyfriend of 2 1/2 years (The man who has been my husband for almost 30 years). The thoughts she/I battled with were the same kind we all experience when relationships reach the point when playing house is no longer enough when we need to get serious or get moving.

In my present middle-aged incarnation; days after Christmas, I sobbed as my younger self

s fear and confusion were mixed with my thankfulness and knowing. My mind became clear and I started talking to her; telling her how everything turned out good, that what we really needed at that time was a real commitment. That Noel and I had two adult children, 2 grandchildren, and a good life together filled with love and deep connection. I told her my life was rich in experiences, and that while we didn't have it all figured out yet we had figured out some cool shit. I told her I loved her and that I loved my current self. The experience was so visceral that I cried in happiness for about 10 minutes, as my heart chakra expanded in my chest with the clarity that I had been the one who advised my young self to stay, to commit, to be vulnerable and to truly love. I am certainly glad I listened!

spreading love-salicrow

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