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Cleaning before Greening...

It has been a personal tradition of mine for the last twenty years to do my deep house cleaning during the weeks between Thanksgiving and the beginning of December. I live in a cozy little cottage and I like stuff, which means it's important for me to purge my space yearly. I sometimes wonder where I get all the stuff I accumulate but recognize it's because I'm a crow.

,I treat this experience of winter cleaning as a ritualistic event, in which I am recognizing the bounty of my life; that I have so many treasures that I can share with others, as well as an opportunity to clear away unnecessary debris. I separate out things I no longer want that are in regifting quality to give as presents to people who I think would like them, and clean out closets and medicine cabinets; donating the good stuff and recycling or throwing away the garbage. The whole time I am cleaning I am thinking about making way for the next year!

I finished my purging in one day this year; in a squirrel-paced marathon of goodness. It didn't really feel like work and I didn't realize how long I was at it until I was done. It feels good like the timing is perfect as the moon will be full in just a couple of days.

Tomorrow I will gather greens in the fairy woods behind my house with my sister; for making wreaths and garland. Conifers are a reminder of regenerative life, with their evergreen branches. The energy of fresh pine, balsam, and spruce is revitalizing, its aroma a reminder of the sanctity of the forest. While I wait to put my Yule tree up until closer to the Solstice, I like to green up the house early. When I bring the greenery into the house I will energetically cleanse and bless my house.

Green Magic-Water Blessing

Gather a few small evergreens branches approximately 8inches long. Soak them in a glass bowl of water for 33 minutes. 33 is a master number that resonates with uplifting, loving energy. I recommend using sacred water or spring water if you have none gathered.

Remove the greenery from the bowl and use it to stir the water in a clockwise rotation as you tone 'Open'; opening your energetic body to the work at hand. Spend a few moments chanting and singing, charging the water with happiness, joy, and love, the energies you want to imbue your home with.

Walk through your house blessing your space, using the branches to sprinkle a small amount of water in each room. When you are finished you can bottle the water use at a later time. Make sure to strain out any bits of green, and label the bottle. Make sure to document your experience in your book of shadows (sacred journal) as keeping track of our magic is important to the development of skill.

Decorate your home with merriment and joy as you put up your balsam and pine, recognizing that you are working the magic of home and hearth!

spreading love-


ps-The full moon is the perfect time to clean and clear your home, combining this with your cleaning and greening will make for potent magic!

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