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Bathtub time-machine

My tub exists outside time and space; a magical portal of steaming hot water activated by trance music, Epsom salt, essential oils and cannabis. I enter it's transformational cauldron regularly to commune with other incarnations of myself, gaining wisdom and knowledge of the times that were and have yet come through connection to other versions of myself. Time spent in the liquid bliss is ritualistic; following a sacred pattern created by me to allow access to my deep consciousness and connection with the element of water. I add candles, incense, music, and a huge pot of boiling water added to the bathwater to bring my cast iron tub into a steam bath. Knowing I will use my immersion as deep meditation I release the worries of the outside world and focus on myself.

As the familiar trance music plays softly blocking out the sounds of the house, I enter my magic cauldron and prepare to receive guidance. (I always use the same album, making it easier for me to slip into an altered state. I listen to Forndom- Daudra Dura Sometimes this guidance is like a download, in which my mind is filled with visions of what is to come, and other times I am talking to other incarnations of me.

Communicating with myself is something I have done since childhood, and when I say I'm talking to myself I mean I am literally talking to other ages of myself. As a child, this happened most often when I sat in front of the mirror. Sitting and gazing at my reflection the image of self would begin to shift and I would see others; spirits who had passed as well as different Sali's. The images I viewed were not stagnant instead they spoke to me telepathically and shared images of their story through my mind. Now in my late forties, this communication does not require tools, I am able to do so wherever I am, whenever i choose. Most often I save the bigger talks with Sali for my tub!

Tubs like mirrors are tools connected to the element of water. They are fluid and reflective, allowing us to view ourselves in intricate ways. When we enter the warm waters we immediately release control, allowing our body to become soft as it is nurtured by the heat penetrating our bodies. Changing our lighting and adding trance music are simple techniques that make it easier for us to shift our consciousness. Sticking to the same level of lighting (candlelight) and same music help entrain your mind, making it easier to go deep into your consciousness every time you engage in the sacred ritual. If you are looking to turn your own tub into a magical cauldron, I suggest engaging with your bath as a ritualistic experience. Don't bring your phone, a book, or chat up your friend when soaking, instead wrap yourself in the sacred and spend some time with yourself!

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