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Death in the Time of COVID-19

Perspectives from a Medium, A Death Doula and a Shaman

Salicrow, Psychic Medium

Salicrow is a natural psychic medium, Reiki Master and author who lives in the 
The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Her book, Jump Girl, The Initiation and Art of a Spirit Speaker can be found on Penguin Random House and on Amazon.

You can find Salicrow here:

Facebook/ Salicrow, Psychic Medium,
Instagram/ Salicrow

YouTube / Salicrow, Psychic Medium. 

Anne-Marie Keppel, Death Doula

Anne-Marie is a Master level Reiki practitioner, meditation, basic goodness instructor and author. She has 12 years of training in Shambhala Buddhist teachings. She has completed Level I Dying With Confidence training in Phowa with Anyen Rinpoche and completed "This Sacred Journey: Living Purposefully and Dying Fearlessly" with Pema Chodron. Anne-Marie has passed the National Home Funeral Alliance Proficiency test. Her book, Death Nesting, can be found on and at select local bookstores. 

You can find Anne-Marie here:

Facebook/ Stardust Meadow  website/

Sierra McFeeters, Shaman

Sierra McFeeters is the owner of Indigenous Roots in Woodbury VT. You can find her here: 

Contact info for Indigenous Roots

FB /Indigenous Roots

Instagram /Indigenous Roots


"In the last four months, I have been Sali’s student in Spirit Communication, as well as for for Reiki 1 & 2 certifications. I find her to be a deeply knowledgeable, intelligent, masterful energy worker and teacher, as well as a friendly and kind human being. She has the credentials you may desire, but is not at all cookie-cutter: Her wisdom and personal experiences are beautifully woven into her teachings. Perhaps one of the traits I most appreciate is that she straightforward and clear, yet seamlessly blends her no-bullshit-personality with a great deal of love and compassion. My experiences with her during classes have left no doubt in my mind that she is absolutely communicating with the unseen, including guides and loved ones on the other side. My only issue is how to choose which of her offerings I want to experience next! Thank you, Sali."  Barb Baumann Feb 2020.

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