Elemental Witchcraft - Autumn Appreciation
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"This course has already enhanced the work that I do so much and I am so grateful to be participating and connecting with the elementals on such a deep level. Thank you Sali for these powerful teachings. It is truly a gift that will keep on giving. "

- Lindsay, PA, US -
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" Another magical weekend of growth, opening, learning and magic with Sali Crow and the beautiful community she has built!  Words can not express the gratitude, appreciation and  love I have for these amazing, inspiring wise woman.  The level of acceptance and inspiration to just be my authentic self is beyond anything I ever could have imagined each time I return home a better version of the true me.  Seriously there are no words to describe this connection, sense of belonging and love. "

Jamie Barrow Smith July 2021

" This is an excellent course! Jam-packed with magic, how to, why do, activities and tips, stories, attunement and rituals. Really beautifully paced. I really love how each element gets a month devoted to it in regards to first communication, then divination, lastly healing. I am on month 5 and really feel more knowledgeable and connected. This is a really wonderful investment in myself. "

Emily Bloom Dwyer July 2021