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Connecting   You   to   the     World   of   Spirit


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"This course has already enhanced the work that I do so much and I am so grateful to be participating and connecting with the elementals on such a deep level. Thank you Sali for these powerful teachings. It is truly a gift that will keep on giving. "

- Lindsay, PA, US -
Review of Elemental Magic Course

 " had a really magical experience with water and air in a session with new clients this morning.


This new client booked a couples yoga session to kick off a whole day of surprise treats for her husbands birthday. She mentioned he would be interested in including meditation and reiki since he has been wanting to try it. We met at the waterworks behind the Philadelphia art museum on a beautiful platform that extends out on the Schukyll River next to a waterfall.


Part of my routine includes calling in spirit to flow through me during the session to best serve the client. Well, spirit came in strong today.


It was a little chilly on the water at 8am on a cloudy day. As soon as our session started, the sun came out and stayed for the duration of the session. It got cloudy again as soon as the session was over. The wind started picking up in the middle of our session. It seemed especially strong as they were in Tree pose, the pose they needed to communicate in the most to figure out how to find balance and stability together.


The clients husband is a bird lover. Last week I spotted a bald eagle on top of a building while in a session with a different client. Today, the husband spotted an eagle in a tree across the river. It sat, facing us for about 30 minutes. At the end of their playful partner yoga session, they lay in savasana for meditation and reiki. I noticed the eagle wasn’t in the tree as we transitioned into this part of the session. As soon as I started feeling the reiki energy amping up, I look up and see the eagle  circling around us. I invited them to gently open their eyes to witness it. It was like he came over to assist in our session.


The energy of the whole experience was so profound I cried tears of awe and joy on my way home from the session. I am so grateful to be able to be of service in this way."

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