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Salicrow, Psychic Medium




Salicrow is a natural psychic medium who has been aware of her gifts since childhood. For over twenty-five years she has worked as a seer, using the tarot and runes as her tools. With her ability to divine the future and revisit the past, she advises her clients with compassion and a straightforward approach. As a medium, she helps people to connect with their beloved dead, family, friends, and loved ones who have passed, as well as make connections with the guiding spirits who watch over them.

Sali offers regular hours from 1 pm to 5 pm on Mondays 10 am to 5 pm on Tuesdays, and 11 am to 7 pm on Fridays.

As an intuitive healer, Saicrow is dedicated to helping the beings of our planet and the Earth itself. She is a reiki master in six schools of reiki, a sound healer, druid, and a practitioner of Rune Valdr and Seithr.  She is the author of 'Jump Girl, the Initiation and Art of a Spirit Speaker'.


Salicrow lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with her husband of twenty-six years. Her children, grandchildren, and community are a big part of her life. She is a deep lover of sacred travel and has been known to go on adventures, near and far, where she can most likely be found doing healing work on the spirits of the land and on the land itself.

Salicrow sees clients locally and globally from her studio in Lyndonville, VT or by phone/Skype.

Grammy Brown Young
Grammy Brown with Sali
Grammy & Girls

A Medium is a person with developed psychic ability that allows them to reach out and communicate with people in the spirit world.  Many people wait for signs from loved ones they have lost, but without the required energy needed for communication it is often impossible for contact to be made.  A Medium works as a bridge or conduit for such communication to take place.  Salicrow’s work as a Medium is primarily focused on Beloved Dead.  Beloved Dead consists of loved ones, ancestors, guides and friends who have passed on before us.







"I have known Sali for many years. When my brother passed away I met with her and was more than amazed. Her accuracy and her abilities are absolutely amazing. I walked away with answers and some peace. I will be scheduling another visit. There is not anyone else I would trust with such a personal experience." ~ Molly Fulton

Private Spirit Communication session

$300 1 hour session

*Private sessions are held at Salicrow’s studio at the Grindstone Cafe and Wellness Center in Lyndonville, VT or on Skype or Facebook Video.

 Private sessions with Salicrow are deeply personal.  It is a time for you to communicate with your Beloved Dead in an intimate setting.   For many the need to reach out to the Spirits of our loved ones who have passed is so deep and personal that we do not wish to share the time and messages with others.   Take comfort in the knowledge that this time spent with your Beloved Dead is held sacred.


$500 for 1-4 people with additional guest paying $75 a piece.

Maximum guest-6

Sessions last 2 hours

*Please note pricing is for Seances hosted at Salicrow’s Studio at the Grindstone Cafe and Wellness Center in Lyndonville.  Additional fees may apply to travel, for details please inquire at 

The word Seance means to sit in reverence, it is the act of coming together in a small group to communicate with ones Beloved Dead.  It is an intimate, small group gathering in which participants gather to receive communication from their loved ones in Spirit with the aid of a Medium.  Messages are delivered to all present in a gentle yet concise manner.

Family Gatherings & Spirit Gallery Events

10-30 guests…..$40 per guest

sessions last 2 hours

*Please note pricing is for events within a 60 mile radius of Lyndonville, VT 05851.    Additional fees may apply to travel, for details please inquire at

Gallery style communication is intended for larger groups.  The Medium directed by the Spirits present  determines who will receives messages.  Due to the size of the group messages cannot be delivered to all guest.  However the messages passed are so specific that it is often a moving experience regardless of whether a personal message was received.  This is also the perfect gathering for families in which many of the guest will be looking for the same Beloved Dead.

Psychic Readings

"Sali has a gift like no other. We met several years back at a ladies weekend. The most amazing physic medium I have ever met. She's traveled to my home town for personal readings that proved extremely comforting to family members. When she talks of her past growing up with this gift you can't help but land in that room with her like you're seeing it too. Her abilities are the best I've ever encountered. I wish her all the best on every adventure ahead. Anyone that gets the opportunity to see her will be extremely impressed by her gift." ~ Paula Jacobs


20 Minutes for $75

A brief & informative look at your life...past, present, and future.


40 Minutes for $150

An informative look at your life...past, present, and future, with time for Intuitive Counseling.


One Hour for $225

An informative look at your life...past, present, and future, with ample time for Intuitive Counseling.

*Appointments of 40 minutes - 1 hour are recommended to those who have never had a

Reading with Salicrow before, or who have a lot going on.

Past Life Reading

40 Minutes for $150

An intimate look at 2 lives that are affecting your current situation.

Coffee With Salicrow

40-minutes for $150

1-hour for $225

Have coffee with Salicrow, drink your own at home or join her at the Grindstone Cafe. This appointment is designed for those of you who would like to talk to Salicrow about your personal experiences in the realm of Wyrd, spiritual goals that you may have or if you are just looking for some guidance on your spiritual path. They are available at the Grindstone Cafe and Wellness Center or via phone.

Sacred Travel

Salicrow has a deep relationship with the Earth, one that goes beyond a love of nature to that of sacred commitment.  In 2011, Salicrow was ceremonially wed to the planet at Stone Henge.  The ritual marked her graduation and the completion of 3 years of Druid Training with Ivan McBeth of the Green Mountain Druid Order.  It also solidified her commitment to serve the planet in whatever way she was called.

The art of sacred travel was the greatest teaching Salicrow received from Ivan.  He introduced her to the true concept of pilgrimage, of stepping out the role of tourist and into the role of priestess engaging in the sacred, of allowing herself to truly experience the land on which she walked.  He expressed the importance of respect when engaging in relations with the spirit of place/Genius Loci, for Druids believe that all things carry the spark of life...that places such as homes, lakes, forest, parks, and lands all retain energies that are unique, they possess a spirit, and communication can be had with such beings.

As a Spirit Speaker, Salicrow found it easy to connect and receive communication from the spirits of the land, it was much like speaking to the dead. Her Druidic pilgrimage was life-changing for her, altering the way she interacts with the landscape.  She soon began dreaming of places and knowing she had to go there, on request of the Genius Locus/spirit of place and by the ancient Gods and Goddess' of the land.  Often she is called to places of power, in which earth energy is strong.  These places are powerful and visiting them alters her awareness, and expands her consciousness.  The gift she gives in return is that of Healer and Geomancer; she sets up crystal grids, performs ceremonies and sings to the earth.