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Here we arrive at the end of the exploration of the Major Arcana, with card twenty-one, the World. For those who have followed along this twenty-two card journey no doubt, you have been asked to look deeply at yourself and examine how each of the lessons pertained to you personally.

(Please note- The World is the twenty-second card of the Major Arcana even though it is labeled twenty-one, this is because we begin and technically end with The Fool, which is card zero.)

While the Major Arcana can be used as a meditation tool, in which we purposely move through each of the cards in order; meditating and activating the qualities spoken of in each card as we go, the path of growth it provides is one that takes years, maybe even lifetimes for most folks. So don't get hung up on the finish line, instead enjoy the path and the opportunity and perspective each card provides. I should also point out that most people do not travel the road provided by the Major Arcana in a straight line, instead, they jump around from lesson to lesson as they present themselves. Whether you follow the path with intention, meditation, and dedication, or find yourself learning the lessons as fate provides know that within these twenty-two cards lies a wealth of perspective.

The World; being appropriately placed near the end of our development, is a card that asks us to look at the bigger picture, the whole made up from the many parts. It speaks of a greater perspective in which we take into consideration the importance of that which does not simply pertain to us alone. In most decks a woman is suspended in the sky; a perspective that speaks of the loftiness of the soul is surrounded by creatures of the Earth. In some decks; such as the Steam Punk Tarot, the creatures are repressed by the alchemical symbols for Earth, Air, Fire, and Water; the building blocks of all things that exist in our world. The World is a card pertinent to the times we live in, as we must start thinking outside of our small personal box of comfort to the greater issues facing our planet.

While The World asks us to broaden our perspective to include the world around us, it is not a heavy card of weighted dispair. It is a card of possibilities, and cycles that reminds us that as we are all born we all must die and that the world goes on regardless of the hardships and joys that we face. It is an invitation to live life fully, to travel, and taste the sweetness of the world, to open our eyes to the beauty and wonder that in this day and age is fragile. When The World shows up for us in a reading it is asking us to look at the situation from outside our personal bubble, to take into consideration the greater ripple of effect caused by our actions.

I personally love The World in the Starman deck as it speaks of the worlds upon worlds that exist within our consciousness, adding yet another perspective to the meaning of the card; one in which we recognize ourselves as sacred pilgrims walking upon this earth to experience, grow, and create while remaining grounded and connected to the physical world we call home. As The World falls at the end of the journey through the major arcana we are prepared and capable of taking on the tasks presented to us.

The World speaks of change, the kind of change that affects more than just ourselves, for it is all-encompassing in its reach. I often refer to myself as a spiritual adventurer, because I am drawn by spirit to explore the world through the heightened lens of my psychic perspective. The World represents just this kind of viewpoint, in which we see the complexity of situations, and are constantly looking for how things are connected. If The World is showing up for you in your readings I advise you to look at the big picture, see how the pieces go together and how moving one, moves another. This viewpoint will often allow us to maneuver with more ease and flow as we will not be hitting unexpected obstacles, instead, we will see the obstacles beforehand and include them in our navigation.

In conclusion to this journey that we have been on together for the last twenty-two weeks, I would advise you to re-read Journeying with the Fool, as in the Tarot The Fool is card zero representing both the beginning of our journey and card twenty-two representing the mindset we will achieve at the end.

spreading love-salicrow

PS- Next week we continue our journey with an exploration of the Tarot Suits!

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