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Journeying with the Fool

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Like the Fool starting out on his journey without a care in the world I began my relationship with the Tarot. My (would be) husband brought home a deck of the Rider-Waite Tarot cards shortly after we began living with one another; which was shortly after we met. He bought them with the idea of analytically studying them, I picked them up and instantly fell in love!

At the time (1990) tarot cards were hard to find in rural Vermont, and there was a lot of mystery and fictional occult lore; including the belief that one must have their first deck of Tarot given to them if they are truly meant to understand it. Regardless of the fact that this last bit is untrue, it was the belief at the time, and somehow it made the fact that my then-boyfriend brought the cards home seem like more of an omen. Within weeks I was reading cards for friends and friends of friends and soon I was even making a bit of money at it. I had a natural aptitude for the Tarot as I had been aware of my psychic gifts since I was a child; with my first teacher being my great-grandmother, but where my gifts had always spontaneously presented themselves, the Tarot was like being given a precision tool, allowing me to develop my natural ability into a finely developed skill.

The Fool is the first and last card of the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana are the Trump cards of the Tarot, representing bigger issues that carry more force around them. While the Minor Arcana are broken into suits (cups, wands, pentacles, and swords) much like playing cards, the 22 Major Arcana cards have stand-alone meanings that are more potent than the Minor cards. When a Reading has a lot of Major Arcana cards show up it is a sign that things are going to be more intricate, that many hands are affecting the outcome, and that the querent (person receiving the reading) will not be able to change their path as easily.

The Major Arcana in many ways represents the journey of one's soul, the sacred pilgrimage of development that the seeker must journey. In fact, we can use the path of the Major Arcana in our personal journeywork as meditation tools for our personal development. This is a great practice for anyone really wanting to develop a deeper understanding of the cards, as using them to understand our personal journey helps us remember them more intimately.

The Fool is the brave adventurer! It represents the bravery and faith needed to begin one's journey, something all of us need when we must start something new, change our direction, or begin our great work. The Fool also represents the truly wise, those spiritual adventurers who have reached a point of knowing that allows them to believe that what they need will be presented to them. It's the quantum ignition card, in which we start to understand we are co-creators of our own reality, that we must believe in our dreams for them to manifest. When the Fool shows up in readings it is a suggestion that the path must be navigated with faith, belief in oneself, higher power and the magic of creation.

I resonate with the Fool a lot, not because I am a beginner, but because I live my life with a high level of faith and I often step or jump off the edge, believing that the way will be provided for me; which is why my first book was called "Jump Girl". I think it is because I have always had a strong belief in spirit and higher power/god/goddess/collective consciousness, that I have been so. I move through my life with a belief that I co-created the path that is my life and with that in mind I trust that I planned accordingly. While some may find this a hard place to navigate from I have always found it rewarding, and that living my life with the bravery and faith of the Fool has brought me exactly where I need to be.

When learning the Major Arcana I recommend first doing so from personal experience, through comparison to your own journey. Spend time with each of the 22 cards comparing the story of the cards to your own life, taking note of the cards that resonate strongly and the ones that are hard for you to identify with. The Tarot is a living storyteller, much in the same way the Runes are. They have a power all their own, generated by all those who have worked and will work with them. I will be focusing my blog on the Major Arcana for the next 22 weeks, sharing my personal view of each card with you. I hope that it encourages you to connect more deeply with this powerful divination tool.

spreading love-

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