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The Use of Public Energy in Manifestation…[I’m going dancing]


Like places, events too have the ability to charge us, simply by being there…professional sports, live music and spiritual gatherings are all great examples of this.  I am not a big sports fan, however I do appreciate the energy, of the crowd when watching a well supported game.  The excitement of the fans and the adrenaline of the athletes, mix together into a fantastically juicy morsel.  But for me; the all-time, go-to, jazz it up energy buzz comes from dancing to live music.  There is a symbiotic relationship between musicians and dancers, and if you allow yourself to get out of your thinking mind; the experience can be ecstatic.  This ecstasy, is not directly connected to any person or persons, and therefore it is considered public energy.

Ecstatic-An overwhelming expression of happiness or joyful excitement.  An experience of mystical transcendence.

The magic of manifestation, or quantum physics of creation through intention (whatever terminology works for you folks), basically comes down to the Will & the Way.

Our will is vital…as the longer we can focus our intent; the more strongly we believe, the higher the likely hood our thoughts will take on form.  This does not mean we need to be thinking about our dreams 24/7.  It means we need to believe that our dreams are possible.  When setting our intentions, we must see ourselves as co-creators of reality, and acknowledge that our thoughts have power.  That means keeping a watchful eye out for those nay-saying, demons of self doubt.  For if thought matters, those negative ones do to.  So don’t waste your energy on things you don’t want.

The second component to manifestation, is the way…how are you going to get there, what is the fuel source?  Which brings me around to our subject; using public energy in manifestation.  As I explained earlier, the energy created by places, spaces and experiences is considered public.  It does not belong to a particular person, therefore you are not taking on other peoples baggage by using it, nor are you draining others.  In fact; the use of public energy is best described as sharing…you are sharing the energy, just as you are contributing to it.

So, now that we have a power supply…how exactly do we use it?

Start with your intention.  Know what you are working on before heading out to the hockey game, or hitting the dance floor.  As I like dancing; my example will be based around that.


Utilizing public energy for our work, means releasing a certain level of control.  It does not mean we let go of reason, and act in ways that may endanger us.  It simply means, we let go of the critic.  With dance as an example; we give no shit to what our dancing looks like.  Instead, we allow ourselves to dance raw, like a kid hopped up on too much sugar.  As we do so, we pay attention to how the energy surrounding us feels, allowing ourselves to become one with that vital, pulsating energy.   Now breathe slowly and allow your self to sense.  What does the energy surrounding you feel like, what does it look like, do you imagine colors or vibrations with it.  Fully immerse yourself in the energy created by the space.  When the song ends, lickety slick, you have now added fuel to the work you are manifesting.

Know that works of quantum intention, are just that work.  They take practice, and even with practice…they can still fall short.  I think it is important to think of it as an Art form.  Sometimes the work we set out to do, transforms creating something slightly different on its own.  Always remember that works of manifestation should be done with the intention to harm none.  We are here to be lovers of life, to spread peace and to better the world in our time upon it.  Plus…do bad shit, bad shit comes back and bites you in the ass 3 times as hard.  Karma folks, it’s real.

Well I hope you enjoyed the read, seems I am jumping all over the place this month…but know that even the most random of my bits is connected to the bigger picture.  Helping people to wake up, explore their latent Intuition, and realize we are not alone here…Spirit is with us always.  Go co-create something beautiful & share it with the world.  Me… I’m heading out dancing tonight, and you can bet your booties, I will be fueling the seed of my intent.

spreading love-salicrow

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