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Seven is a number associated with big thoughts and serious contemplation. In the Tarot, the sevens collectively represent the need to see behind the veil, understanding that big decisions are often more complex than we initially believe them to be. In numerology seven is connected to our mind, and when it is depicted in the Tarot it is generally showing us things that are taking place internally, preparing us for what we should/could/must do next! When seven is dominant in a reading; showing up in pairs, close together, or having more than three of the four sevens in a reading, it is a good idea to take a moment to think about the situation at hand. Deeply connected to spiritual awareness, when we sit with the lessons of seven we often see the problems associated with them resolve themselves with little physical effort.

The Seven of Cups is a card of dreams, often depicted with a person looking at cups filled with different kinds of treasure, floating in the clouds, the card shows dreams, potential realities, and the illusions we must face. Remembering that cups are connected to our emotions, it is important to center ourselves and breathe when the Seven of Cups shows up. Clear our minds, maybe do a bit of conscious breathing and really look at our options; first separating out the illusions, then really sitting with the options available to us and seeing how they align with our personal morals, as sevens are philosophical and often trigger the awareness of our higher self.

The Seven of Wands always reminds me of King of the Mountain. It depicts a young person standing on top of a vantage point; most often a hill. The person does not seem overly distressed and obviously has the best spot for the fight. The body posture, the presence of sticks not swords, and the age of the participants all point to the struggle being more of a game than a war! This makes it important to remember that the fight before you is more likely to leave bruises than deep wounds. The obstacle in front of you should be faced with a flexible mind and the understanding that it will not overwhelm you, for you have the vantage point! With this in mind, you may want to take a deep breath and really examine the struggles before you, engage your strategic mind and form a plan on how to best manipulate the situation!

The Seven of Swords shows a person leaving walking away carrying most of the seven swords. Like the Five of Swords, the card carries a feeling of leaving something behind; depicted by the other swords. This card can both be interpreted as having to leave something behind in order to move on, as well as pointing to betrayal, trickery, and theft. Knowing which way to interpret the card lies in examining the cards surrounding it and the story that appears to be playing out of the querent (person being read). In general, there is a feeling of loss with the Seven of Swords, whether it is being left behind or stolen, the card shows that the querent will move on, leaving something behind! Remember, sometimes this can be a liberating thing!

The Seven of Pentacles is a card of planting, and harvestings; saving for a later date. It is a card of investments that first happen mentally! The Druid Craft tarot; which is one of my favorites, depicts a Druid harvesting mistletoe (also known as All Heal), a plant that has very special requirements for harvesting. This to me shows the importance of taking our time, knowing that what we are doing is an investment and that we must be patient and careful in our work with it. We live in a world that seems to be hell-set on high speed; which means people often need reminders that things that matter to us take time and that there is something beautiful and powerful about doing things slowly with intention.

I would leave you with one final thought on seven, it is deeply connected with the divine; be it god/goddess/universe or collective consciousness, when seven is dominant in your life know that you are being asked to examine the fundamental workings of your life, the way you engage with the world, and the world you want to create!

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