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Five in Numerology is a number of free will, exploration, and overcoming obstacles. In the Tarot, the vibe seems to be most prevalent in the latter. In Numerology the number 5 represents being at a point in which you have all the ingredients needed to succeed, however, you now have to figure out how to use them. It's the halfway point, as Numerology works with single-digit numbers; with the exception of Master Numbers, 11, 22, 33, 44, etc. Being the middle marker, five is where the real work begins; with the prior work simply being the foundational support. Often when the number five is dominant in a reading (when you have 3-4 of the 4, or when you have them doubled up next to each other in a reading), the querent (person being read) can expect hard work and a bit of upheaval in achieving their goal. That being said, it is also a sign that the things we need to succeed are within our grasp if we are willing to put a bit of work into them.

The five of Wands depicts a youthful group play- fighting with sticks. While it is a card that depicts fighting it is important to look at how they are fighting. Their faces are not drawn back in snarls, they are wearing fine clothes and no one seems to be hurt. In many ways the 5 of Wands reminds me of King of the Mountain; a game of strength, as opposed to a real fight! I see the 5 of Wands as a sign that the querent will have struggle in achieving their goal, but the battle is more of a game; therefore they should try to stay calm, and understand that no real wounding will come out of it, but to achieve their goal they will have to show the strength of their will!

Five in the Tarot calls upon our ability to be resourseful; which includes knowing when to seek out help! This is particularly noticable with the 5 of Pentacles; in which many decks show a wounded person being comforted by another or being just outside a building (often a church) in which they can seek refuge. When the 5 of Pentacles come up for us in a Reading we should evaluate whether we are being unneccisarily independent, by refusing to ask for help. In life we all need help from time to time, and the Five of Pentacles shows this clearly. It is the card of the Refugee, homeless, and weary. It speaks of our dispair while at the same time showing illumination and warmth (often through depicting the pentlacles in stained glass or along a sunrise). When the Five of Pentacles shows up, we may very well feel broken and overwhelmed, but the important part to remember is that help is available and we do not need to go it alone!

The Five of Swords shows the battle overcome. It is not a glorious thing of flags waving and crowning laurels, instead it is an understanding that the battle took its toll. Often the card shows the remains of a battle, with swords on the ground and the defeated stumbling away in the distance. While the querent is most often depicted as the victor, it is important to see that they did not do so without hardship. Something that is symbolically depicted by the fact the victor is carrying the majority of the swords, but some lay on the ground as a symbolic depiction of the losses taken by both sides. I often think of this is the reluctant battle, the battle we fight because we must defend ourselves. It does not leave us feeling the hero, instead it leaves all involved with wounds to tend!

There is a freedom in the fives! They give us choice, choice to seek out help, choice to let those we have defeated walk away; without feeling the need to completley destroy them. In the Tarot the Fives are cards of compromise, and the need for kindness...sometimes it is us who needs the kindness of others, and sometimes it is us who needs to show kindness!

The Five of Cups is the 'licking our wounds' card of the deck! It depicts a person who has 5 cups in front of them, 3 are unavailable, spilled, or out of reach, and two are full and there for the taking, however the querent cannot see the ones being offered, as they are hyper focused on those they have lost! This is a reminder of the freedom of choice that the number 5 offers. We are free to feel sorry for ourselves, to sit and lament our losses, or we are free to move on.

Truly 5 is a number of choice, of the freedom presented to us to choose how we will move forward in the world. Will we seek help when it is needed? Will we offer kindness and mercy when it is within our power to do so? Will we find ourselves down in the pit of dispair when our plans don't work out or will we accept our losses and move on? In the Tarot as in Numerology in general, five is a place in which we begin to see ourselves as co-creators of our reality; recognizing that how we choose to respond to adversity is truly a sign of our character!

Thanks for reading along folks! I hope you are gaining insight, and learning to love the Tarot a bit more...

THE PERSERVERANCE OF 5 is part 5 of an 11 part series. You can find my other Tarot Series: my 22 part series on THE MAJOR ARCANA, my 4 part series on THE SUITS OF THE TAROT, and my 4 part series on the COURT OF THE TAROT by following this link-

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