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Humans are part of the natural environment, and being so we are affected by the energetic pull of the moon as profoundly as the ocean tides are. While the moon is only one of the little players in the universe, it is a big player in the affairs of our precious planet. When we begin to utilize this energetic ebb and flow we start to see big changes in our life. It is not the kind of change that amounts to much on its own, but when we see it as a gauge for how we should direct our energy things start to shift.

(Portrait of a Visionary Author Salicrow, Samhain. 10/31/22, Artist - Robin Lee Wedemeyer)

The Moon is a big player in the magic of the Witch! While there are many different traditions in Witchcraft, the moon is generally seen as sacred to all. Recognizing the effect the moon has on consciousness, it is common to perform magical workings at the New and Full Moons, as well as during Lunar Eclipses...which brings us to the subject at hand.

FULL MOON & ECLIPSE TIMING November 8th, 2022





This year November's full moon is known as the Beaver Blood Moon. Some say the origin of the name 'Beaver Moon' comes from the Indigenous Americans trapping Beavers at that time, and others say it has to do with the activity of the Beavers themself. I personally love the name as my great-great-grandmother, Cora (her anglicized name) was originally known as Little Beaver in her native Blackfoot dialect. The term 'Blood Moon' is used to describe Full Moon Lunar Eclipses as the process of the eclipse turns the moon red!

While the diehard amongst us will wake up in time to catch the eclipse energy it can be utilized in magic for three days leading up to the Full Moon, and three days after the moon is full. I do however suggest this as a perfect time for making Moon Water; providing yourself with a magical component that can be used whenever the need arrives!


You will need- A glass bowl or jar (preferably without writing on it), spring water, or tap water in a pinch. If you intend to use it in ingestable potions be cautious of the source.

Leave the water on an outside altar, or window sill that gets moonlight, overnight allowing the water to absorb the energy of the Moon. Bottle and label the water the next day. If you intend to use it internally use it within a few days. If using it in non-potable spells it will last indefinitely.

The Beaver Blood Moon of 2022 is the last full moon lunar eclipse for 3 years... This makes the alignment of it even more potent, and the perfect time for big magic! Eclipses in general are a good time for activating change as they are rare occurrences that have held esoteric delight for humans throughout history. This collective viewpoint of the power of the eclipse adds to the magic, as time is not linear, and our human story is woven like spiderwebs!

The time shown is UTC you can find a time converter here

In my opinion, the Beaver Blood Moon is the perfect time for releasing the burdens that hold us back and activating our dreams! As Lunar Eclipses do not happen every month, they naturally add to the potency of the Full Moon, making them the perfect time for big magic! You know, the kind the stuff that really matters; the things we want deep inside our being, and the magic of NEED!


This ritual is designed for the solitary practitioner but may be adapted for group use.

Magic in its simplest form is the manipulation of energy to create the desired outcome. In truth, it is a form of activated prayer in which the practitioner accesses their higher self, pouring their power into their work. While there are hundreds of ways of doing so sometimes the simplest ways are the most effective. Particularly when we are working on solitary endeavors that affect us on a personal level. Above all else, we must trust our intuition and adapt the spells and rituals we come across to mesh with our own personal belief system. If you work with particular gods/goddesses, and spirit guides make space for them in your practice. Place items that remind you of them on your altar, and add prayers and incantations that feel right to you! As I am an Elemental Witch, I incorporate natural items representing the four elements in my work.

You will need- a glass bowl or jar filled with water, a candle for fire, dirt from your property or land sacred to you for earth, and incense or an herb bundle to represent air. Items that represent your deities and spirit guides.

*Perform your magical working at the time of the Lunar Eclipse, or connect to that time by focusing on the Infinity symbol and imagining you are moving forward or back in time to connect at exactly the time of the eclipse. You may tone the word E-en while doing so, as it is connected to the infinity symbol and the concept of no-time/no-space.

*Set your altar in a place where it will receive moonlight. Note that even if the moon is overcast the energy is still present, decorating it with the items listed above as well as any other things that feel magical to you.

*Create sacred space around you. You can do this by imagining a pinprick of white light in the center of your chest; at your heart chakra. Breathing deeply imagine that with every exhale the light in your chest expands until you are completely surrounded in a sphere of white light protection. (In doing this exercise you are activating your aura/biofield)

*Welcome your spirit guides and deities asking them to join you in your sacred circle and aid you in your magical work.

*Call in the elements starting in the East with the element of Air... Powers of the East, Ancient ones of Air I ask you to join me in my circle, and aid me. Bring with you the gifts of communication and inspiration (Light the Incense). Powers of the South, Ancient ones of Fire I ask you to join me in my circle, and aid me. Bring with your the gifts of passion and aid me in fueling my spell (Light the candle). Powers of the West, Ancient ones of Water, I ask you to join me in my circle and aid me. Bring with your the gifts of intuition, and emotional balancing (anoint your third eye and crown with the water). Powers of the North, Ancient ones of Earth I ask you to join me in my circle, and aid me. Bring with you the gifts of manifestation that I may bring my desires into being (anoint your third eye with the soil).

*Speak first of that which you offer up, that which no longer serves you. Declare that you are offering up your procrastination, anger, self-doubt, etc to the Blood Moon that the lunar eclipse takes that which no longer serves you and transmutes it into energy you can use to fuel your desires.

*Speak your desires in the affirmative, as if it has already happened. So instead of 'I want to be", choose your wording to proclaim you are what you desire "I am...".

*Spend a few moments raising energy, I prefer to use vocal toning. Breathwork and simple chanting are also great ways to raise energy, and for the beginner sometimes it's best to listen. Here is pagan moon chant for those who want to listen-


*Give thanks to the Elements- Powers of the East, Ancient ones of Air, I thank you for your presence tonight and the aid you provide to my magical working. Powers of the South, Ancient ones of Fire I thank you for your presence tonight and the aid you provide to my magical working. Powers of the West, Ancient ones of Water, I thank you for your presence tonight and the aid you provide to my magical working. Powers of the North, Ancient ones of Earth, I thank you for your presence tonight and the aid you provide to my magical working.

*Give thanks to your Deities and Spirit Guides in the ways that suit you best.

*Release your circle by saying something like "My circle is open and my magic is sent into being, So mote it be!"

Make sure to write about your magical working in your Book of Shadows, and remember we are all magical!

spreading love-salicrow

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