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Eight is a number associated with prosperity and success, and the road traveled to achieve such. In Numerology it is connected with the success achieved through dedication and persistence, and often shows a person or situation that is self-made! Beneath the shiny veneer of success that comes with the vibration of eight, are often many hours, days, weeks, and years of dedication to one cause. Favored by athletes and artisans, eight carries the energy of striving toward one's personal greatness. In business, the number eight often represents a turning point in one's journey, in which their skill becomes noteworthy. Goals achieved the journey that follows is often about choosing the next leg of our journey, and making decisions on where we want to expend our energy.

With the Eight of Swords, we face the complicated dilemma of choice! Where in the beginning we may have set out with whatever we could get our hands on, we suddenly find ourselves in a place of options. While this may seem like a pleasant problem to have, often it is complicated with emotions, dreams, and unseen avenues of possibility facing us on all sides. In the card, we see a person who is blindfolded and surrounded by swords. At first glance, it appears there is no way out of the situation without injury, but if the querent gives over to their intuition (represented by the blindfold) they will find that there is a path through the swords. This card often reminds us that we must move forward thoughtfully, utilizing our intuition, at a slow pace in order to feel out the nuances of the situation and avoid injury or hardship. The bounds that keep the querent stuck in an illusion of captivity are in fact more of an illusion created by our fear. If we take a deep breath and center ourselves, engage our intuition, and move forward thoughtfully we can easily navigate the situation.

The Eight of Cups represents the journey toward personal growth, completion, and success. It shows that the querent has found their way through the obstacles and now has eight cups behind them. The querent has achieved enough to no longer be considered a beginner on their path, they are weathered, and strengthened by the road they have traveled thus far, and determined to seek out that which they desire. Often that which the querent seeks is something of personal nature, as cups represent our emotions and personal yearnings.

This is one of my favorite cards in the deck, as I am ever the quester for bettering myself. When it shows up for me, I know I am getting ready to step onto another leg of my journey!

While the Eight of Cups represents the beginning of the journey, the Eight of Wands shows ignition! It is a card of movement, in which projectiles are being launched in the direction of our dreams. When the Eight of Wands comes in we can expect things to start moving a bit of a clip. While the Eight of Cups is contemplative and even a bit melancholy, the Eight of Wands is direct, forthright, and motivated! The decision to move forward has already been made and we are in the thick of it! When the Eight of Wands comes into a reading it is a sign that the time of waiting is over, it is now time for action. It is a fast-moving card and often demands that we stay in tune with our intuition as there is little time for lallygagging! Personal growth and inspiration usually go hand and hand with this card!

The Eight of Pentacles represents mastery of one's skill. The journey from novice to master having taken place, we are now seen as holding the skill necessary to achieve our goals. Again, this is success that is earned. Like a master artisan; which is represented by this card in most decks, the Eight of Pentacles shows us competency that is achieved through hard work, dedication, and inspiration. When this card shows up in reading it is showing that the querent has reached a point in which they have reached the pinnacle they were aspiring toward. Their skill is noteworthy, and they are seen as such among their peers. For the artisan, athlete, or personal seeker this is a card of arrival! All the hard work and struggle have paid off and there is great satisfaction in the outcome.

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