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In Numerology, the number three resonates with the vibration of creation,

carrying the energy of manifestation, and the resonance of time.

Time, as we know it is divided into three parts; past, present, future, as is aging which comes in the form of youth, maturity, and old age. It is my belief that the separation of time is partially responsible for the creative force that emanates from situations associated with the number three, for the pressure of time and the understanding of our own aging is what motivates most of us to get things done!

Through this power of creation three gains its association with the divine, something quite noticeable in the Christian portrayal of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and in Goddess worshipping religions in the form of the Maiden, Mother, Crone. While the influence of divinity is notable in cards of three, it is through the aspect of co-creation, as the querent (person receiving the reading) is an active participant in any workings associated with it. When threes show up; regardless of the suit, we are being asked to explore the nature of who we are and what we are here to do.

It is important to remember that the numerological value can sway in meaning a bit depending on what suit it is present in, just as the position the card appears in the spread also influences the meaning. Think of the position in the spread as the question being asked, and then use the numerological meaning and your understanding of the suit to help arrive at your answer. The more cards in a reading of the same number, the stronger the numerological influence. So if you have all four threes show up, or there are multiple of them back to back, you know the number influence is potent!

Noting the creative influence of Three it is not at all surprising to see the dreaminess of the Three of Wands, which generally portrays a person standing between three staves staring out to sea, waiting for their ship (opportunity) to arrive.

With the Three of Pentacles, we see the craftsmanship aspect of three, the creative force in motion, and the appreciation that comes with a job well done! Many decks portray the Three of Pentacles with not only a craftsman but onlookers showing appreciation for the work at hand. This shows the creative force is strong and skill is developed through inspiration. Regardless of whether there are onlookers or not, there is obvious pride shown through the Three of Pentacles.

The tarot is a complex system, which means there are many things that we can keep track of and learn from. This is why I have broken my blog series down into sections, hoping it will be easier to understand, as divination; like all magic is best developed through an understanding of all the parts. This is true when incorporating Numerology into the Tarot, as we cannot go on the number value of the card alone, but must consider the suit it belongs to and its placement in the reading. This is how the Three of Swords and the Three of Cups can carry the same number value and have a very different influence on our reading. Where the Three of Swords is a card of pain, and a need to walk the road alone, the Three of Cups tells a different story, suggesting that friends and colleagues are a valuable part of our undertakings.

Learning to read the Tarot is a lifelong pursuit that continues to deepen as we go. Having read the Tarot for more than 30 years, I am still gaining new insight into this complex and powerful divination tool. Keeping a Book of Shadows or Sacred Journal for your Tarot Readings is a good way to develop your skill, particularly if you revisit it often. Understanding that cards shift and change meaning depending on their placement, and a number of similar cards is also a good way to build a better understanding. But above all else, trust your intuition, sit with the card and ask yourself what you think it is trying to tell you. For there are many readings in which the smallest detail of a card is actually the biggest storyteller!

Thanks for reading along folks! I hope you are gaining insight, and learning to love the Tarot a bit more...

For those of you wanting to pursue a deeper understanding of Numerology I recommend the book NUMEROLOGY & THE DIVINE TRIANGLE - THE CREATIVE POWER OF THREE is part 3 of an 11 part series. You can find my other Tarot Series: my 22 part series on THE MAJOR ARCANA, my 4 part series on THE SUITS OF THE TAROT, and my 4 part series on the COURT OF THE TAROT by following this link- spreading love-salicrow


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