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Stories of Spirit…Welcome Advice from the Ancestors [when your Beloved Dead give guidance]

Spirit Communication is not a recent art, in fact it is ancient.  People have been gathering to honor and commune with their Ancestors and Beloved Dead throughout  history & across many cultures.  Today in our world interaction with Spirits has become a media sensation; with show upon show involving Ghost Hunting & tear jerking messages delivered in front of a camera.  I am not personally apposed to either & find that they often help more then hurt as they have brought about acceptance & understanding.  That being said there is a deeper level of communication that is often overlooked…meeting with your Ancestors & Beloved Dead for guidance.

Last week I had an opportunity to be the Communicator for just such a gathering.  Driving to the home of a family I have done many Seances for I was joined by one of their Ancestors.  She was speaking to me of an event that had recently had in their family.  She was so persistent that before even starting the Seance I had to ask the family about the event she was talking about.  It was a small group that had gathered and I was able to spend a great deal of time passing opinion & guidance to the family from their Beloved Dead.  I personally walked away from the evening with a lot to think about as the advice passed from Ancestors to the Living was truly wise.

When we die we do not suddenly become Psychic or even a great deal wiser then before death.  What we do gain is perspective, as in death we are able to observe all people involved and we can see the hidden emotions and hear the thoughts of those we are watching over.  This perspective allows for the Dead to sometimes see a situation in a light we do not have while sitting in our own little corner of life.  When the opportunity arrives for communion with our Ancestors; through the help of a Medium or through tools such as pendulums & ouija boards (please read my blog articles Safety First before using these tools) it is often wise to listen to the advice they are giving.  Remember they often are still looking out for their families & friends and get a view of situations that can be insightful.

I love my work, but sometimes I am given sweet reminders of just how much love and effort our Ancestors put in to helping the family out.  As Autumn & the Season of Spirit Honoring is just around the corner, take out your old pictures and mementos that remind you of those who have walked the path before you.  I will be teaching you how to set up an Ancestor Altar next week to give honor to your Beloved Dead, so stay tuned Folks.  As always, I hope you have enjoyed the read & please feel free to share it those who may like it.

spreading love-salicrow

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