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Stories of Spirit…True Love [connecting partners through the veil of death]

My love...

My love…

I have sat across the room from a complete stranger, and known what it feels like to be deeply, passionately in love with them.  I have had my heart swoon with the joy of being in the presence of someone I barely know.  This is not something I have done once, but something I have done many, many times.

My work as a Medium often puts me in deeply emotional situations with people, particularly when I am meeting with an individual for a one on one session.  When someone chooses to come alone, wanting to meet with me by themselves, I know that the Spirit they are seeking is someone they had a deep, personal relationship with.  Most often these sessions mean someone has lost their partner/spouse.  These sessions are often my favorite, and I feel honored to witness the love of others.

When sitting with a Spirit, my connection to their emotions strengthens with time spent.  As Individual Spirit Communication sessions are usually an hour long, I get to become quite well acquainted with my guests.  The sessions where partners are visiting (living and dead) are my favorites.  They often start out with deep sadness, with the loss being tremendous on both sides of the veil.  The living suffering from the loss of their dead, and the dead suffering with watching their beloved in pain.  But the sessions soon turn to being a time of re-connection.  I am moved by the amount of time the dead spend watching over their living, loved ones.  They often bring up current events, that are happening in the lives of those they have left behind.  This enforces my belief that they see us more easily then we see them.

After my first few times of sitting as Medium for lovers, I found that I understood the reasons the dead partner was in love with the living partner.  I found I was attracted to their hair, or their eyes, that my heart was warmed by their smile and that I loved their sense of humor.  This did not have anything to do with my own feelings, in fact I knew instantaneously that I was experiencing another’s love.  This experience is not limited to the sex, or age of the person across from me, for love is blind and has no care for such things.

I feel fortunate for this experience, this glimpse into the love of others.  I often wish that I could share the raw emotions, and the deep vale of thoughts that flutter through my mind when I experience the love of another.  I imagine it would be truly healing, if the living could feel how much they are still loved, and realize that death is not a barrier for such things.  I don’t believe we ever truly get to experience how another feels for us, for we are not sharing a mind with them.

The part I find most interesting is the little things that make a person love another person.  Those idiosyncrasy that make us special in the eyes of another.   It makes me realize how ridiculous it is to be seeking perfection.  For it is the little oddities, the imperfections or differences from others that are often most cherished.  I have heard dead husbands picking on their wives for turning the house into a ‘girly house’, all the while knowing that they are beaming with pride that their wife has found her way.  I have had wives comment on how their husband fashioned himself a golf pro (when he clearly was not), all the while knowing that she adored this boy like quality of his.

Love is a beautiful thing, and those of us who are fortunate enough to have experienced the true love of a partner are blessed.  I have met with people who still deeply mourned their loss partner, even though 40 years have passed.   I have met a man who has not changed the location of a single item that belonged to his wife, even though she has been gone for over 30 years.  Her sweater still hangs on the end of the bed, and her very out of date make up still sits on the bathroom counter.  Love is a tremendous power.

Today I give thanks to all of you who have allowed me to share in the love of partner, across the veil of the living & dead.  I want you to know how truly blessed I feel for the experience.

spreading love-salicrow

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