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Stories of Spirit…Tolerance [choose Love, not Hate]

I was verbally assaulted Monday night; on Facebook, by a bitterly, conservative old Lady; who felt it was her place to tell me that I was going to Hell & that the services I provide to the public were comparable to a Sexual Deviant.  She posted this publicly as a response to my Empath’s workshop.  This is not the first time, that someone felt they had the right to criticize my beliefs and the work that I do, and I know it will not be the last.

After, the initial shock and hurt of it, I found myself thinking about the bigger picture;  the lack of tolerance and the sense of entitlement that social media gives people.  From behind the protection of a computer screen, even the most cowardly people feel brave.  I say cowardly, as I know that in most cases; the people who feel entitled enough to trash someone online, would not utter a word if standing face to face with said person.  This is really not a story about me, although my response to it, certainly is.  For I am not the only person who experiences this kind of hatred.  It happens, every day to people for various reasons…religion, race, sexuality, political beliefs, age, weight.  What it all comes down to is a lack of tolerance…

I live my life with a deep awareness of the sameness, we share….we are all humans, living on the planet Earth.  No matter are sexual orientation, or cultural & religious differences, we are all the same species.  And here’s the other piece we should consider…we are all more complex then those differences.  I am sure that the lady who insulted me, did not know that I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, that I have volunteer many-many hours of my time to charity, that I have served on my school board and that most of all…I have feelings.  That I cry and feel hurt by slander.  Just as we all do.  No one wants to be insulted, threatened or demeaned.

I will never become accustomed to people attacking me, just because I am different then them.  Just as I will never stand by and allow it to happen to another.  We need to develop a deep tolerance, an acceptance that we will never all be the same….and what a boring world it would be if we were.  Tolerance does not mean that we approve of others actions, it simply means that we tolerate it.  Let me be clear, when I speak of tolerance; I am not saying that we stand by when acts of violence  or oppression are taking place.  What I am saying is that we learn to accept the difference of opinion, lifestyle and ways of being that make us humans so interesting.

Tolerate-allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference.

One of the things that strikes me as most interesting; is that those with the deepest need to ridicule others, often consider themselves the most pious.  I am pretty sure, that no where in the holy books does it say that your soul is judged by the actions of others.  With that being said, if you are following a path that does not accept homosexuality, psychic ability, or any of the other ‘so called’ vile acts…then simply do not practice said acts.  Go about your life, following the beliefs that fit you best.  Do not spend your time and energy fixated on people who may believe differently then you.   Another point I would like to make while speaking of tolerance; is that all of those self appointed, hate mongers who feel the need to debase others are missing the point.  They often use God, as their sword…saying that God hates this, or God hates that…Well, I think that’s bullshit.  God is about Love, not Hate.

I hope that you walk away from this read with a deeper understanding of tolerance.  I also hope that you truly see, that the people who are attacked by negative comments on social media are real people, with real feelings.  They are not a static point out there in cyber-space for us to throw our anger at.  Remember this in all cases, whether you are passing on a photo that depicts someone as dumb, ugly or ignorant…that picture has a person with feelings behind it.  Ask yourself, would you say that to their face; could you look them in the eyes and make the same comment.  As a Medium, I am constantly aware that my actions are being viewed by those in the Spirit world.  It may help, to remember that your grandmother, father, wife, or son who has crossed into Spirit, is up there watching you.  Would you act the same way if you knew someone you loved and respected was viewing your actions?

I know it’s a heavy one Folks, and that it is not always an easy subject to talk about, but we need to lead by example.  We do not need to agree with everything, another person does to be kind, and it is important to understand that actions represent us.  We cannot claim to be God Loving, while preaching the Hate.  Let us start with our own actions,  then move onto educating others on the power of Tolerance…let us become agents of Love, changing the world one step at a time.  I hope you enjoyed the read Folks.  Please share this one, often…let this message travel far and wide.  It’s needed, right here/right now.

spreading love-salicrow

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