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Stories of Spirit…The Spirit World and Trauma [Facing Violent Death]

It’s the Holiday Season, and I would much rather be writing to you about the heartfelt stories I have experienced in my life with Spirit.  But, the recent shootings in San Bernardino have brought Traumatic Death to the forefront of my thoughts.

There are no words to describe the atrocities we have seen in the last decade; where gunman shoot down the innocent in our schools, movie theaters and conference rooms.  The ripples of fear, hatred and sorrow have washed over our News Feed so often, that as devastating as it is…it is no longer shocking.  As a Medium I have worked multiple times with Spirits who died traumatically, through violence of their own doing & at the hands of others.  It is always an emotional time when the Spirit I am communicating with has passed away violently.  For there are so many threads left untied, that healing is difficult for both the Spirit & the ones they leave behind.  It’s true that the Soul is eternal and holds infinite power to heal, but sometimes it takes longer then others.

I once met a woman (Spirit) who had died at the hands of her own son.  He was mentally ill & struggling with a drug addiction; creating circumstances that ended with him killing his mother and then himself.  I came in contact with this Mother as her living child came to me seeking connection & healing around the trauma of her death.  She had been gone for almost 2 decades, but the pain held by her living family was still deep and unwavering.  She was a strong Spirit, who came through easily…she had no problems talking about moments in her life, but she became distant and agitated whenever the circumstances of her death were brought up.  She was still struggling to accept that her life had ended the way it did.  I want to be very clear when I say that her soul was not suffering.  She simply could not wrap her thoughts around the fact that her life had ended with such tragedy.

When we pass into Spirit, our emotions become filtered.  They are turned down a notch or two, so that we can process the events of our life with mental clarity.  We also experience time differently;  it is far less linear.  What may be years for us in the Living world, may pass like moments to those in Spirit.  These factors contribute immensely to the way we process our life after death.  When our life has encountered Trauma (whether at death or as part of our life), that trauma leaves a mark on our soul.  Like a scar, it is a reminder of the wounding we experienced.  Scars can be worn in many ways.  For some scars are reminders of their strength and ability to endure, for others they are reminders of pain; bringing sorrow whenever they are looked at.

As someone who believes in reincarnation, I believe these scars are carried with our soul as reminders of the journey we have traveled already.  In many cases, scars left on the soul manifest into unexplained fears and phobias when we incarnate into a new life.  As a child I had repetitive dreams of being in a burning barn, hiding while Indians attacked the farm.  The dreams were so detailed, I knew they were not dreams at all…but memories.  I believed for many years that I died in that barn.  It wasn’t until I was in my early 30’s and did past life regression work that I realized I escaped the barn, but that the trauma of the event had left an imprint on my soul.  This life we live is but part of the whole.  When we experience trauma it is not ‘Our Story’, but simply a part of our story.  Even when the trauma we experience takes our life, it does not take away the life we lived.  Just like the mother who’s life ended tragically at the hands of one of her children.  When she came through to visit with her living child, she preferred to talk about the happy times and joy they experienced as a family.  She was not in denial that her life had ended tragically, she simply was not ready to talk about it, &  she did not see it as the entirety of her life.

When we loose a loved one violently, it is important to remember that their soul holds many memories & that the trauma they experienced is not their story, but simply a chapter in that story.  This is by no means an acceptance of evil doings.  I deeply appose violence and believe there is something fundamentally wrong in our world.  But as a Healer and Medium I want to remind people of the infinite power of healing the soul holds.  If we want to aid our Beloved Dead in healing their wounds the best thing we can do for them is to heal ourselves around the wounding.  Spirits watch over us, they see how we suffer and struggle.  When we heal ourselves we ultimately aid them in their healing.

I pray for the families wounded by violence, I pray for the souls seeking healing from trauma, and I choose to live my life spreading love and compassion wherever I can.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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