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Stories of Spirit…Sitting in Time Out [Suicide & the Soul]

Suicide is the ugly cousin of  Natural Death, effecting an amazingly high percentage of our population.  In my work as a Medium I regularly meet with the family & friends of people who have passed at their own hands, and stand witness to the pain & fear they encounter.  When someone we love dies to suicide we often cannot fully mourn their loss as we are too busy fearing for their souls.  Most of this fear is created by religious dogma and half explored belief systems with little basis in reality.  In my experience I have encountered many Souls who have passed by Suicide and none of them are burning in a fiery pit or bound to eternal damnation.


Suicide/death by our own hands is the last resort of a tormented soul.  No one wakes up cheerfully and decides that today is a good day to die, best get to it.  Often the Soul in question has struggled for years with depression, mental illness and deep pain.  For some there are long lines of warning signs leading up to the final event; such as attempted suicide, drug addiction and years of struggle with depression.  When a person who has committed Suicide crosses into Spirit they are greeted by family and taken to Time Out.  Time out is a place of reflection, like a child who has misbehaved they are in Time Out to reflect on their life; they need to see how their actions have effected the people who cared for them.  They review their lives and the mistakes made along the way & spend time observing the people who loved and cared for them.  Many times the person struggling with depression is oblivious to how much they mean to others, their personal emotions having blinded them.  In the world of Spirit, emotions are turned down.  Spirits still experience emotion when observing the overview of their lives, but do not experience it in the same intensity that life provides; I often compare it to watching TV.  When we watch something sad or troubling on television we have an emotional reaction to it, but it is not as deeply moving as having the same events happen to us personally.  Death provides us with a lessening of emotions, that for some makes it bearable to look at the hardships they endured, providing the safety necessary for healing.  All Spirits experience the lessening of emotions, but not all are put in Time Out.  Time Out controls what they look at and how they do it, it is a form of Spiritual Therapy.


The short answer is yes!  The long answer is a bit more complicated.  As a Medium I tell people that I guarantee someone comes through for everyone, but cannot guarantee who comes through.  In the case of Suicide I rely highly on my Spirit Guide-Adam, who works with me on the other side.  If he advises me against contacting someone I listen.  This is done for the benefit of the healing soul.  Coming in contact with a Medium enhances emotions for Spirits, making their contact more like life.  If they are not healed enough this contact can be difficult for them and make the healing process take longer.  I have noticed though that many times I am able to make contact with Spirits who have passed at their own hands, specially if time has passed allowing them proper space for healing.  Do not be afraid to ask for the Spirits of your loved ones who have died from Suicide, but remember they may not be ready for the contact.  This does not mean they are suffering, it means they are still experiencing acute healing.  As a general rule I advice people to give at least 6 months before seeking contact with the Spirit of someone who died from Suicide.


When dealing with Suicide people often want to know if there is anything they can do to help the Soul heal.  I tell people to focus on healing yourself.  Stop the blaming, stop the I could have/I should have.  This is not helpful, in fact it often makes it harder for the Spirit to heal as they focus on how much you are suffering because of them.  One of the most powerful focusing tools for sending healing to Spirits is a healing Altar.  HEALING ALTARS are simple and can be set up anywhere.  Start by picking a counter/shelf/stand that you will dedicate to the purpose.  Remember that everything placed on an Altar is placed there with intention.  Do not haphazardly place loose  change, your keys or pens on the Altar…Intention is Key!  When you have your Altar space picked, choose a few momentum to represent your loved ones; personal items, pictures, etc.  Pick pictures that show your loved one healthy & happy.  Next get a candle (any kind-voltive, tea light, pillar), you will light the candle every day for 5 minutes and spend time in front of your Altar sending love & healing to your loved one in Spirit.  You can talk to them, pray, sing…whatever floats your boat.  But put your focus on love and healing, remember you are working intention.


Yes they do…But there is no set time, it takes as long as it takes.  Be patient.  Talk to them often and remember they are busy healing.  I have personally talked to Spirits who are in Time Out and getting respite, allowed to take a break to talk to their loved ones.  I have also met Spirits who have been released from Time Out, their healing complete.  Remember folks our Soul is eternal.  We live life time after life time, living & learning as we go.  I personally have memories of a life time in which I took my own life.  It was a painful life, filled with heavy depression.  I know the pain is real and that for some the pain is too heavy.  Our Souls heal, grow and move onto having other lives and lessons.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks & feel free to share.

spreading love-salicrow

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