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Stories of Spirit…Ouija Boards are like Chainsaws [part 1/Safety First]

People often ask me how I feel about the use of a Ouija Board for communication with Spirits.  My answer is always to compare them with Chainsaws.  A Ouija Board like a chainsaw is a tool, not a toy. Both are great tools when used properly, but without proper knowledge and protection they can be dangerous.

I have a real problem with Ouija Boards being sold in toy departments of stores…& would highly advise against giving one to a child.  When my daughter was 8 she was at a friends house visiting.  When I went to pick her up the small group of girls had a Ouija Board and were trying to get my daughter to play with them.  She knew how I felt about such things and told them she was absolutely not allowed to play with it.  This was shocking to the parents who couldn’t imagine how it could be against my rules as I was a Spiritual person with Psychic abililities .  Like most people they thought of it as a toy, giving little credit to the board as a tool.  After explaining to them how a Ouija Board works they looked at it with a different eye.

Ouija Boards are a tool used to communicate with the Spirits of the Dead.  There are two main parts- a board containing the letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9 and the words Yes, No & Goodbye & the Planchette; a triangular or heart shaped pointer on 3 felted legs, containing a viewing hole.  By itself there is nothing special about the Ouija Board, you can make you own and it will work just as good as a store bought board.  The key is the belief and opening the Board provides.  1st of all the belief…We believe this tool helps us connect with the world of the Dead, allowing us to get out of our own way and open up.   The Ouija Board also carries the power of all the people around the world who believe it works.  *That’s the Quantum Physics part/we believe it into being.  2nd-We are channeling our personal energy into the Planchette, allowing it to move through telekinesis.  In order for Spirit to come through someone in the room must have some natural ability as a Medium.  Spirits cannot require the aid of a the living in communication, they use our energy.

Proper communication requires Protection.  I would first like to say that I highly recommend working with a professional or taking a Spirit Communication class before heading to the Board on your own.  But if you have made the decision to proceed, remember the importance of Safety.  Clean and clear the room you will be working in.  Get rid of the clutter, physically & emotionally.  Smudging the space is a great way to get rid of unwanted heavy energy.  Center yourself by taking a few deep breathes in through & out through your nose.  Feeling your everyday stress diminishing.  When you feel calm, light a candle to represent the white light of protection.  Imagine the light surrounding you & all in the room like a shield or bubble, keeping out all unwanted Spirits.  Before placing your hands on the Planchette, speak out loud “I welcome to this Space-Spirits of my Beloved Dead, family, friends, loved ones and Ancestors.  May all who enter come with love & clarity.”  The love I speak of in this announcement is the love of human kindness.  By making this statement you are clearly saying that any Spirit with malcontent is not welcome.  Now you may proceed with communication. *please note, Spirit Communication through a board is not always accurate, this has more to do with those communicating then the board itself.  For clear communication, I highly suggest the use of a Medium.  When finishing your communication, make sure to thank all the Spirits that came through to visit and clearly ask them to depart.  When all Spirits have departed, you may blow out your candle and close the circle of protection.  If you ever feel like you have come in contact with a malicious or deceitful Spirit ask them clearly, with authority to leave.  If a problem continues to exist seek the advice of a professional Medium.

Hope you enjoyed the read folks & feel free to share.

spreading love-salicrow

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