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STORIES OF SPIRIT…Once a Marine, always a Marine [communicating with a wounded warrior]

*photo Stahr Cabral

By this point many of you already know that I was raised by a Marine, in fact, if you have read my book Jump Girl, the initiation and art of a spirit speaker’, know just how much this factors into my life.  Growing up the child of a Vietnam Vet; who came home with 100% disability due to the scars received in service, I knew full well the sacrifice made by those who wear uniforms.  I was taught to respect and show thanks for those who served, for they have all made sacrifices n doing so.

A few weeks ago; thanks to my dad {who passed in 2012}, I had the opportunity to honor one who had served and to help bring closure to his family.

I was performing Spirit Gallery (large group spirit communication in which selected guests receive messages) when something unusual happened.  My attention kept being drawn to a woman sitting on the right side of the room who had an empty bubble around her.  Which means the space around her was noticeably void of Spirits.  This alone was not what surprised me, as I have encountered other people with this phenomenon, what I found shocking was my Dad was standing next to the woman telling me I needed to call on her, and he was insistent.

Sometimes when someone is deeply mourning they will create a hardening of their Aura/Biofield (the energetic field surrounding the body).  When this happens the space around a person becomes repellant to spirit activity.  It is not something someone intentionally does, but more something that happens when our emotions are so intense that we both want and fear contact, the fear being more of a fear that communication is impossible.  This is often enforced by the fact that the spirit of the Beloved Dead may be showing up in the dreams and peripheral vision of others, leaving the one with the hardened Aura wondering why their loved one is visiting others but not them.  The answer is pretty easy…they can’t get through because of the barrier.

When the women sat down in front of me, I explained that she had been called because my father insisted I bring her up.  I went on to explain the shield/hardened Aura I saw around her, and that it told me her loss was a very deep one.  I also felt that the loss was very recent.  As soon as she said she was looking for her father, the hardened veil came down and I could see him standing before me with my father.  I told her I saw he was wearing a uniform, and simultaneously she and my father told me that he was a Marine. With this revelation, it was clear why my father had been interested in helping him get my attention.

I went on to tell her that her father had something wrong with his lungs (he died of lung cancer), and that the illness was caused by his time in the service.  She then said her father had been in Vietnam.  It was an interesting conversation, in which my Dad was assisting her Dad in getting his messages through.  My dad kept telling me that her father had been a hero, which it turns out he was not just a hero in his service, but a true hero in her personal life.

*When someone is called up as a guest at a Spirit Gallery, I really only have about 10 minutes with them tops.  This, in my opinion, does not offer adequate time to get all the messages through, but it does give them time for the important stuff so that you can see that it is really them.  I told her that her father was a very stoic person, and had a hard time expressing his emotions.  Which she validated by saying that he was very quiet and that even when he was dying he did not complain about his situation.  He also shared with her his deep love for her, and how important she had been in his life.  All the while, my father just kept inforcing the words “He’s a real hero kid!” Later after the session, the woman approached me; while I was signing books.  She shared with me a bit more of her father’s story including how he had truly been a hero in her life.

I was greatly moved by the visit from her father, and my fathers interest in helping him get his message through.  While talking we discussed the fact that both of our fathers had been Marines, & Veterans of  Vietnam who died due to complications of Agent Orange affecting their lungs.  Best yet they had both been named Richard!

I am forever in awe of the world of Spirit and the lengths they will go to when it comes to communication.  Where one stoic hero could not make a connection on their own, another gregarious one stepped up to help a brother out!  (Thanks Dad…you will always be my hero).

spreading love-salicrow

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