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Stories of Spirit…Oh, Christmas Tree [Heartfelt Holiday Tales]

One of my favorite childhood memories of Christmas; was the year my Dad let us all get our own trees.  We trekked out into the woods, through snow that was above my knees.  I’m pretty sure we were Gypsying it up, meaning we were wondering around the woods cutting down trees without permission.  There were no tree-farms then in NH, at least not in the North Woods.  In fact just bringing up such an idea would peg you as a ‘flat-lander’.

While on our grand-Christmas tree adventure, my sisters and I convinced our Dad to let us get our own trees.  He agreed, and we all proudly picked out miniature trees to set up in our bedrooms.  That tiny tree I brought home ended up being a remarkable memory & one of my favorite Christmas’ of all time.  I spent hours, upon hours making decorations for it.  Then hours more making presents for all of my dolls to give to one another.  I had been sewing & crocheting since I was 8, so by 10…I was a pro & made some great little gifts for them all to share.  I even wrapped the gifts; with white paper I had drawn holiday images on.  I don’t know if my sisters got as much joy out of their trees, but for me it was truly magical.

As many of you know; I am a serious member of Santa’s Elf Brigade.  I love the Winter Holidays…Christmas, Hanukkuh, Kwanza, Yule.  You name it, I like it.  My family personally celebrates on the Winter Solstice/Yule, but I still celebrate Christmas with anyone and everyone who wants.  I love how the Holidays bring out a joyfulness in young and old, I love the lights & candy canes and hot cocoa & libations.  I love the crazy ways people celebrate…from Yankee Swaps to Ugly Sweater parties to Blowing the bubbles in the Snow @ Yule.  I have been known to wear Elf-ears on more then one occasion & I love, love, love striped socks!  But most of all I love the trees; with their ornaments and lights.

As a Medium I often hear of the special ways families celebrate the holidays.  The Beloved Dead often speak of favorite traditions, food and decorations on the tree.  In fact, tree-decorations are often treasures that remind us of our loved ones who have passed into Spirit; whether given by them or previously belonging to them…ornaments have Spirit.  Just yesterday I was doing a private Spirit Communication session with a wife who had lost her husband.  As he was speaking through me; he brought up cardinals (the bird) and showed me that they were ornaments not real birds.  There was a deep emotional connection around the ornaments.  When I brought it up to his wife, she replied that they had bought 3 Cardinal ornaments for their tree when their granddaughter had been born…one for Pop, one for Bubbi & one for their Granddaughter.

It’s funny, but there really is something magical about Yule trees.  As we age, the decorations and traditions of setting up our tree…how long we have it up, do we buy groomed trees, put up fake trees or pick ‘Charlie Brown’ trees, is our tree themed or do we have a hodge-podge of ornaments.  All of these things hold memories, memories we relive year after year as we set in front of our festive center piece.


My granddaughter enjoying my Yule tree.

This year my tree was a gifted to me from a friend; groomed on a tree farm.  I usually just do the ‘Charlie Brown’ thing and cut a tree that needs to come down from my Blueberry field.  I received my gifted tree just after Thanksgiving, so this is also an early rise for my Yule tree.  In fact it is the first time in 23 years I have put my tree up before December 10th.  My trees always waited until after the 10th, because it/today is my daughters birthday.   We always waited, so her birthday could be special.  That being said I am fully enjoying my early-rising tree, with it’s crystal (quartz, malachite, serpentine & rose quartz)  & Rune Ornaments….and candy canes (my husband & I have already eaten 2 boxes….it’s a problem).

Well I hope you have enjoyed the read.  As you set up your tree this year, take time to appreciate the memories it holds & remember your Beloved Dead are enjoying it too.

spreading love-salicrow

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