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Stories of Spirit…Mashed Potatoes & Memories [everyone misses grandma]

Food is such a pivotal part of our existence, it sustains both our bodies and souls.  When we gather with those we love, it is an unspoken rule that there will be food & lots of it.  The nurturing provided by ‘breaking bread’ with those we love is something that transcends life & death.  It’s true that Spirits do not eat, but they still love Food!  In fact, it is one of the things often brought up when I am communicating with the Beloved Dead.  Spirits often use food as a way of reconnecting with the ones they love; telling stories of the festivities and meals they have shared with the ones they love.  This may seem strange, but the sheer amount of Spirits who talk about tasty bits reassures me that Food is important.

One of the most memorable stories I have in regards to Spirits & food, involves mashed potatoes.

I was doing a Seance for a family in the River Valley of Vermont, when ‘Grandma’ started talking to me about mashed potatoes.  In fact she kept showing me a huge pot of mashed potatoes.  Now, when Spirits show me food it’s never random.  This Grandma kept insisting that mashed potatoes were a staple of their family, a comfort food present at every family gathering; particularly those fused with emotion.  The family immediately recognized the importance of the potatoes.  They were able to confirm that their Grandmother was known for her mashed potatoes, and that she would make huge amounts of them whenever comfort was needed.  Mashed potatoes for death, mashed potatoes for life, mashed potatoes for celebrating, mashed potatoes for mourning.

The knowledge of how important food is not only for sustaining our bodies but our souls as well, makes me think about the importance the energy we place in our food plays in our well being.  Quantum Physics has proven thought matters, what we think we create.  When we are scrambling to make dinner, bitching about the inconvenience of it we are unintentionally adding this energy to the food we consume.  I have been working over the last few months on creating a mindful relationship with food.  Both in the way I prepare it and in the way I interact with it.  Knowing how important it is to the well being of our soul as well as our bodies, brings food to a whole new level.

I am also highly conscious of the bounty my life holds, that I have the luxury of contemplating food from such an abstract perspective; for there are many people who simply want to eat every day.   I am not sure where I am going with this blog, other then asking you to join me in creating a conscious relationship with food.  Think about the part it plays in your life, in your memories & in the way you create it.  I hope you have enjoyed the read folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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