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Stories of Spirit…I am Thankful [ancestors, blessings & abundance]

I am Thankful…

As an adult, I have grown to appreciate Thanksgiving.  I have spent it various ways; including years serving food at the community feasts; held by churches and senior centers.  This year I will be cooking dinner at home for my husband, our daughter & her family.  It will be small and sweet; my son & his daughter will be missed, but that’s what it means to have grown children….they have lives of their own.   I have always believed that the holiday of Thankfulness is most simply about taking time out of our life to appreciate all that we have & to give back in whatever way that we can.  Even if the only thing we have to give is a moment of appreciation for the blessings we have in our lives.

As a Medium, I am constantly reminded of the importance that family & food play.  At this time of year in-particular, Spirits love to talk (through me) about their favorite foods and the times they gathered together with their family & friends; celebrating one another’s company.  The dead seldom come through to talk about the things they owned or the bills they had.  They want to talk about the people and moments of their lives.  Living in a world of multi-media/ instant gratification, we can loose track of the importance these things hold.  But, deep down inside we know what really matters, for it is what we remember when we no longer have a life to live.

This Thanksgiving set aside time to remember your Ancestors.  They most likely are right beside you; celebrating family & friends.  One of the easiest ways to give honor to our Beloved Dead during the holidays is to set a picture of them out where all can see & talk about them.  Include stories of them in your day of feasting.  Share the wonders of Grandpa’s turkey cutting skills with your children & remember your Mother’s fantastic stuffing recipe when you are eating dinner.  These little moments of remembrance are treasures.

I am thankful…for my friends and family, the ancestors who walked before me, having the opportunity to do work that I love, being part of a supporting community, for the abundance that my life holds, for adventure & travel, for laughter & conversation with wonderful people.  I am thankful for you…my clients, students & friends.  I wish you all a fantastic Thanksgiving.  May your hearts & minds be open & your bellies be full.  Thanks for reading Folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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