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Stories of Spirit…Honoring the Ancestors [part 2/spirits of the land]


I lit a fire last night to give honor of the Land itself & the Beings that call it home.  I was celebrating the Spirit of the land…Solstice Meadow.  I was also giving honor to all of the Beings who have walked upon my land…Spirits both of the Ancestors & Nature.  I planned on writing out instructions for you all on Friday, but with a Death in my family I ran out of time.  So instead I will tell you how I connect to the Spirits of the Land & the Spirits that inhabit it.


Last night was special for many reasons.  It was a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse & it fell just after the Autumnal Equinox which in many traditions is seen as a Harvest Holiday.  The Fall Equinox is a time of giving thanks for the abundance of Summer & preparing/manifesting what we need for the Winter.  It is a time of balance and it calls on us to look at both the light and the dark.  Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is also powerful.  Many people see the time in which the Moon becomes dark as a releasing (things we no longer need) & the time of the Moon growing back as a time for what we are manifesting (calling in).  For me this is a Sacred time of honoring the Land itself.

I spent last night by myself with the Moon.  It was tremendous, putting on quite a show.   There was not a cloud in the sky and a saw a few shooting Stars (at just the right moments, of course).  As I sat enjoying the fire & the beauty of the Moon I opened myself to the Spirits that share the property with me.  I simply sat with them…no words, no deep philosophical conversations, just sitting in each others company enjoying the energy that we together create.  For I am a part of the Spirit of this land as much as the other Beings are.  I gave thanks to the Ancestors of the Land;  the farmers who once toiled the soil of my beloved home & the Natives who hunted the woods of my Mountaintop.  I gave thanks to the Nature Spirits who protect the Land & keep it bountiful.  It was amazing really…I spent hours under the Moon, by my Fire just being a part of Solstice Meadow.

I did do a bit of personal work as well.  During the evening as the Moon was slowly eaten by shadow, I released the shackles of my mind.  I chose to release the borders I have put on my ability to manifest & create the world around me.  And as the Moon began to grow again, I called to me structure & the ability to create new pathways.  It’s a fantastical world we are living in Folks.  Quantum Physics has proven that thought matters.  I personally intend to put mine to some good.  In my thoughts & actions I truly hope to spread love & kindness wherever I go and to always give honor the the Spirits of the Land.

Remember-whenever you take time to honor the ones you love; family, friends, ancestors, the Land, nature, etc…that it is the perfect time for doing so.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks, feel free to share it.

spreading love-salicrow

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