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Stories of Spirit…Honoring the Ancestors [part 2/spirits of the land]

I spent last night sitting for hours watching the moon.  I had a fire going in my Sacred Space; only the second I have had this year.  I have lived @ Solstice Meadow for 17+ years and over those years have held many, many Spiritual gatherings; both private and public & most involved a fire.  This year my land has sat dormant, pulled in upon itself.  In fact this is also the first year in my time of living on this land that I have not harvested &  or canned the abundance of berries and apples the land provides.  Like people the land we live upon needs recharging from time to time.  It is an unwritten thing, there is no schedule…the land simply lets you know when it needs a rest.

I lit a fire last night to give honor of the Land itself & the Beings that call it home.  I was celebrating the Spirit of the land…Solstice Meadow.  I was also giving honor to all of the Beings who have walked upon my land…Spirits both of the Ancestors & Nature.  I planned on writing out instructions for you all on Friday, but with a Death in my family I ran out of time.  So instead I will tell you how I connect to the Spirits of the Land & the Spirits that inhabit it.

First of all I am a Druid..which pretty much means that I connect on a deep, spiritual level with Nature.  In fact I married the Earth in 2011; pledging myself during a ceremony inside Stonehenge.  I am an advocate for the Earth and the Beings that dwell upon her.  I see the planet as a living & sentient.  I also believe that every place (home, land, body of water, mountain top, valley) has a Spirit that resides there.  A consciousness that belongs to the place itself.

Last night was special for many reasons.  It was a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse & it fell just after the Autumnal Equinox which in many traditions is seen as a Harvest Holiday.  The Fall Equinox is a time of giving thanks for the abundance of Summer & preparing/manifesting what we need for the Winter.  It is a time of balance and it calls on us to look at both the light and the dark.  Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is also powerful.  Many people see the time in which the Moon becomes dark as a releasing (things we no longer need) & the time of the Moon growing back as a time for what we are manifesting (calling in).  For me this is a Sacred time of honoring the Land itself.

I spent last night by myself with the Moon.  It was tremendous, putting on quite a show.   There was not a cloud in the sky and a saw a few shooting Stars (at just the right moments, of course).  As I sat enjoying the fire & the beauty of the Moon I opened myself to the Spirits that share the property with me.  I simply sat with them…no words, no deep philosophical conversations, just sitting in each others company enjoying the energy that we together create.  For I am a part of the Spirit of this land as much as the other Beings are.  I gave thanks to the Ancestors of the Land;  the farmers who once toiled the soil of my beloved home & the Natives who hunted the woods of my Mountaintop.  I gave thanks to the Nature Spirits who protect the Land & keep it bountiful.  It was amazing really…I spent hours under the Moon, by my Fire just being a part of Solstice Meadow.

I did do a bit of personal work as well.  During the evening as the Moon was slowly eaten by shadow, I released the shackles of my mind.  I chose to release the borders I have put on my ability to manifest & create the world around me.  And as the Moon began to grow again, I called to me structure & the ability to create new pathways.  It’s a fantastical world we are living in Folks.  Quantum Physics has proven that thought matters.  I personally intend to put mine to some good.  In my thoughts & actions I truly hope to spread love & kindness wherever I go and to always give honor the the Spirits of the Land.

Remember-whenever you take time to honor the ones you love; family, friends, ancestors, the Land, nature, etc…that it is the perfect time for doing so.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks, feel free to share it.

spreading love-salicrow

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