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Stories of Spirit…Death is my Friend [my relationship with Death]

As a Medium I often find myself explaining to others that I have a different view of Death then most people & that I actually like Death.  I know this sounds weird, but I have always been a bit Wyrd (interacting with fate & personal destiny).  My constant interaction with the Spirit world has altered my view of Death, showing me the complexity of our Souls and that ‘life’ & learning do not end with our bodies.  Death brings us to a clear, undiluted version of self.  When we are in the presence of Death we let go of all the pretense of life; we are triggered by Death to be our real, genuine, true selves.

Death is a Spiritual force all it’s own.  In many cultures Death is actually depicted as a Spiritual Being that holds the job of crossing Souls from the Living to the world of the Dead.  Death comes to some of us slowly & for others it shows up unexpectedly.  But when it comes there is no negotiating…if it’s time, it’s time.

I believe the important part about Death is that it is a great healer.  When facing the Death of someone we care for we are forced to look deeply at our emotions.  Fast or slow, the nature of the Death does not hinder our emotional investigation.  I believe we are here, incarnate on this planet so that we can better explore the nature of our Souls.  But many of us go through life acting as if we have all the time in the world to do so.  We busy ourselves with the mundane and avoid the difficult things such as emotions & personal interaction.  We leave relationships tattered and bruised thinking that we can push them away for another time.  Well Folks, that is a farce.   We cannot ignore our emotions away…in the darkness they show themselves & the biggest darkness is that of Death.  {When I say darkness I am not describing evil or doom, but the shadow from which we look deeply at ourselves.}  I personally have always been a fan of the dark, I like the sincerity in which people open themselves in the dark…sharing the pieces of themselves that are too fragile for the light of day.  Death is that kind of Darkness, it is like the darkness of storytelling at summer camp, where you reveal your secrets.  It is vulnerable and real…I truly love that.  I believe we spend too much time showing the face we see fit for the light of day and not enough time exploring the realness of ourselves that shadows & darkness reveal.  Until our friend Death shows up from time to time to make us whole.

My last few weeks have been filled with Death, Spirit & Healing.  I have done a lot of Seances in which the Spirits coming through were those seeking Healing.  They left this world with tattered edges, relationships left in chaos and unspoken feelings of sorrow and remorse.  For some,  life did will not give them a break or the ability to communicate how they feel.  Death on the other hand gives us plenty of time to think things over.  In Death, people who have unfinished business spend much time reviewing their lives and at watching the people they have left behind.  They see their true value to the people of their life, how their actions effected them & still do.  Being in Spirit helps to turn down emotions, making it easier to be an observer on ones soul path.  The healing of Death is not just experienced by those in Spirit, but the living as well.  When we loose someone we have unfinished business with, we often find them in our thoughts.  We think about them often and struggle with the things we could have/should have said.  I believe this is why  Spirits seek me out for healing work.  Our lessons do not end with Death.  Death gives us the clarity of the Shadow & Darkness that is valuable to healing.  It gives us the ability to sit in our emotions and true self; to let go of the worry of paying bills, living up to the expectations of others, and  disappointment.  Letting us focus on what really matters…LOVE

I hope you walk away from reading this bit with a deeper understanding of Death and the beauty it holds…Feel free to share.

spreading love-salicrow

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