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Stories of Spirit…Briga & the Good Death [a Journey to the Spirit World part 3]


With our mission in front of us, we swarmed around like busy bees…preparing her room, ourselves and the medication. Barbara had already gone through all the legal procedures necessary to obtain the medication, which included psychological evaluation & the consent of her doctor.  *It is important to know that this not an option granted without rigorous procedure on the medical & psychological level/ensuring that it is truly a good option for the patient.  The medication is taken in 2 parts.  The first medication is intended to settle the stomach and allows the patient to keep it down.  Once the first medication is taken the 2nd needs to be taken 30 minutes later.  As Briga prepared herself, we her Spiritual friends prepared the second medication.  Gloved up, sitting in Sacred Space we emptied 90 capsules into Briga’s chalice.  It was a deep, clear moment but by no means was it stagnant or without humor…for Briga was neither.


When 30 minutes had passed we moved into Briga’s bedroom.. It had been prepared as Sacred Space with candles, flowers and crystals placed intentionally around the room.  She climbed into bed & we surrounded her snuggling up…her Brother on one side, her Druid teacher on the other, & her beloved dog, Little on her lap.  The rest of us took up space around her on all sides.  Prayers were spoken, songs were sang, love was given….and the potent elixir of Crossing was drank.  As we held Briga in our hearts & sang to her; she crossed into Spirit.

10 minutes…10 minutes was all it took for her to slip through the Veil.

When she had crossed we her sacred family embraced & then took a few minutes for ourselves to process in our own ways.  I sat on the couch outside of Briga’s room waiting for her communication.  Within a few short moments she first spoke to me.  “If I had known it would be that easy, I would have done it a long time ago.”  She then immediately went onto tell me where the snacks were, and that I needed to put on water for coffee & tea.  Even in her death she was still orchestrating the proceedings.  I got food set up via Briga’s instruction and then sat in her living room for a bit looking at all her lovely bits, allowing her to share my sight.  She directed my attention around the room to the things she loved most, telling me who had given them to her and the short stories of their being.  This lasted only briefly for Briga’s body needed to be prepared.


This Friday, July 31st during the Full Moon & the celebration of Lughnassa (first harvest) Briga will be celebrated in Druid Ceremony at Dreamland…she will get her ‘Big, Fat, Druid Funeral’.    I have been asked by the Crone herself to attend in my role of Medium, allowing her to share in the revelry and pass messages with those she loves.  I am truly honored to take this role & to share space with my dear friend, whom I love.  Thank you for reading folks, please feel free to share.

spreading love-salicrow

Briga marrying the land in Druid ceremony @ Stonehenge 2006

Briga marrying the land in Druid ceremony @ Stonehenge 2006

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