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Stories of Spirit…Becoming Salicrow [one from the vaults]


When Crow presented itself to me it was with a great cascade of black feathers…literally.  For months whenever people would come to my house for a Reading or even to visit they would be at my door holding Crow feathers, saying “I found this in your yard and thought I was suppose to give it to you”.  Sometimes it was a handful of feathers not just one or two.   I started noticing Crow everywhere.  Now I know that Crow’s are a common bird and we all see them.  But there is a difference between seeing a crow and SEEING Crow.  One is a casual glance which can be over looked, the other is an energetic pull…a psychic poke in the third eye that says “hey pay attention to me”.  Being that I pay attention when the universe speaks to me, I decided to look up the spiritual meaning of Crow.  What I found was so in touch with my life and who I was that I couldn’t deny that I too was Crow.


Crow also has sacred meaning and connection to my Father’s family & our Blackfoot Indian heritage.  It is a name held as sacred to many in my family.

When I was 30 I had a tattoo of 3 Crows placed on the back of my throat Chakra.  I also started using the same symbol on my brochures and business cards.  To me the significance of the 3 crows was important…I named them after the Moirai or the 3 fates of Greek mythology…Clotho (she who spins the threads of fate), Lachesis (she who measuresthe threads of fate) and Atropos (she who cuts the threads of fate).  This was my second tattoo, but the first that I went into it as a spiritual experience, as an attunement with power.  By placing the Crows of fate on my throat chakra I was asking the Universe to open me up to my path, to become bonded to the fates and to become Crow.  Over the years I have interacted with Crow in so many ways…I have asked them to spread word on the wind for me when I have had need as well as asked them to assist me in healing work when something needed a bit of extra pecking at.

Calling myself Salicrow began with an email address, which came out of having my prior email address bombarded by spam.  Then I started my Druid training &  I began to call myself Salicrow.  I never thought I wanted or needed a spiritual name.  In fact all the new age pagans who needed to change their name to Dragon Wolf Rider, made me kind of laugh.  I beleive their is power in your name if you believe their is power in it…it does not need to be something fantastical.  But with all things Crow it just kind of happened.  I then started a facebook account under Sali Crow, because I didn’t know how to delete the account I had under Sali Tetreault that I was unhappy with.  Pretty soon one thing lead to another and more people knew me as Salicrow then as Sali Tetreault.

Crow has been a great companion along the path that is my spiritual life.  One that presented itself to me, over and over again until I saw what it wanted me to see.  The cleverness of Crow has helped me to grow spiritually as well as aided me in spreading my name helping others stumble into me who might need my aid.  I am ever thankful for the persistance of my black feathered siblings.

spreading love-Salicrow

PS-If you are looking to explore your own totem/power animals my favorite book on the subject is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

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