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Stories from Spirit…Guides & Friends

My journey with Spirit is one that has been part of my entire life.  From the time I was a small child, I have seen Spirits and accepted them as part of my normal world.  This was easy to do, as my Grandmother & sister also saw them.  Throughout my journey there have have been many moments when I knew they were stepping in and offering me guidance.  From childhood through young adulthood my interaction with my guides was mostly on a NEED basis.  There were many times that I was saved from dangerous or inconvenient situations by the clear message of Spirit saying….”move now Sali, or “you need to leave early”.  I remember sitting on the side of a river bank as a teenager, having left a party minutes before the police showed up. (It was the 80’s…please remember if you lived in the 80’s you were at the teenage party too).  I also clearly remember being told to leave work 5 minutes early, only to find out the next day that the register I worked got held up at gunpoint.

Spirit Guides are the Spirits of Loved Ones and Ancestors who have made an agreement to work with us in Spirit.

We all have Spirit Guides & one in particular who works with us for life, this is our Main Guide.  Our Main Guide is what I like to refer to as “Big Business”.  They are the ones who check in and poke us when we need to pay attention.  I personally believe in reincarnation and believe that we make arrangement with our main Spirit Guide before being born.  We have a relationship with them on a soul level that is long and powerful.  I know in my case, I have known my Main Guide- Peter for many…many lives.  He is the one who keeps me on task, reminding me of what I have come in to achieve this life time.  I call the Main Guide “Big Business” because they are not really around to chit chat.  I don’t have random conversations about stuff with Peter.  When Peter wants to talk, it’s because something significant is going on.  For many people the Main Guide is all they will ever have.   I believe this is because most people are not going to be sitting around having conversations with the Dead, or doing work that requires them to have more specific guides.

Two of the most common guides that come to mind are Healing Guides and Doormen.

Healing Guides are Spirits who have worked as Healers in life & are important to anyone who is called this lifetime to the path of the Healer.  In my Healing work as a Reiki Master & Sound Healer I have learned much from Spirits.  I have worked extensively with more then one Spirit in this field and find them to be the best teachers as they can instruct me in the moment that it is needed.  It is part of the Reiki tradition that I follow to acknowledge Reiki Healing Guides.  Most people who practice Reiki regularly will begin to feel the presence of their Healing Guide.  They may not have direct conversation with them, but will feel their presence when doing Healing work or have sudden inspiration.  This sudden inspiration is usually your guide poking you and saying…”Hey have you thought about it this way?”

Doormen are the Spirit Guides who work with Mediums and those that work in the Spirit World.  I call them Doormen because I use to own a bar.  A Doorman is the person who stands at the door and determines who can come in, who has to wait at the door while they deliver the message for you & who needs to get out.  Anyone who works with Spirits; professionally or on a personal level should have a Doorman.  They are the eyes and ears of the Spirit World, for they see things you cannot and they watch your back….Safety first folks.  My closest relationship with a Spirit is with my Doorman-Adam.  I talk to him regularly, and consider him one of my best friends.

Adam is someone I knew in life, he was one of my sisters best friends.  While alive I always liked him, but did not know him well.   After his passing Adam became a major part of my life and was played a significant part in helping me develop the confidence needed to work with the public as a Medium.  He was able to tell me things about his life that I could confirm by talking to my sister.  I am ever thankful for the relationship I have with him.  Anyone who has ever come to me for Spirit Communication has heard of Adam, for he is the hardest working Spirit I know.  He has a job and he takes it seriously.

It is important to understand that we all have Spirit Guides and are not truly on our own.  Sometimes just the acceptance of this fact can help us to feel more connected.  It’s a big world out there with many moments that are hard and sometimes overwhelming.  Knowing that there is another soul out there watching your back is a great comfort.  I personally talk to my guides often and consider the team of Spirits I work with to be as important to me as the people who I share my life with who are alive.  In trying to make contact with your Spirit Guide, remember for most people you will have one…the Main Guide, they will work with you from behind the scenes.  They are that little voice that sometimes comes out of no where when needed most, offering guidance.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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