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Shadow Work

We are living in a time of Shadow, in which each and every one of us is being transformed. Through isolation, and fear we have been forced to look at that which lies wounded inside of us; as individuals, and as a nation. This transformation is necessary, we cannot go on as we were; even if we wanted to we cannot put the pieces back in the box, for some are missing and some no longer fit. We are waking up, and like most people that means we are grumpy, irritable, and not always communicating at our best. We will step on each other's toes; as our interpretation of the world around us, and the struggles we face, are filtered through our personal lens. Sometimes it feels like we cannot do anything right. If we stand-up we offend some, if we do nothing we offend some. Just as we are easily offended by the actions of others. We all have visions of how we think our world should be, and it sometimes is hard to share our true feelings and intentions through our actions. We need to be patient, we need to listen; truly listen, asking ourselves what we think the other means, instead of seeing it through the filter that is uniquely ours; with all its wounds, morals, and ancestral programming.

I have heard many people talk of de-friending folks they have known for years, or making comments about 'how they couldn't believe that person was so close-minded, liberal, or wrong in their thinking'. In some cases, there is a true divide and you are better off, simply walking away, realizing you truly are opposite at the core, but in most cases, this is the result of being triggered, and our shadow screaming that we have been offended!

We need to take a deep breath before acting, and ask ourselves what the other means by their statement or action, not what we would mean if you were saying or doing the same. We need to listen and observe those who trigger us, and we need to explore our own personal wounding when such things happen. We need to resist hate, and embrace LOVE! We need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. While we need to stand for what we believe in, we must be careful not to turn everyone with a difference of opinion or expression into our enemy. We are all learning right now, and we are all scared!

Learn to meditate, or at least take a few deep breathes before responding when you are angered or hurt. We do not know the road the other has walked, and why they make the choices or use the words they do. But if we have ever cared for a person, its a good idea to give them the benefit of the doubt. If they have always treated you with kindness, choose to become calm before speaking. In this calmness, there is an opportunity for true conversation, to learn and grow. ASK what they mean, instead of creating the backstory yourself. We are a big country, with so many different perspectives, and while this can be difficult when times are bad, this is also one of the things that makes us so good...WE HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

I stand as always against hate in any form. I believe we all deserve to be treated as equals in this country that I LOVE. I have fought in my own way for religious freedom for most of my adult life, standing boldly and publicly as a WITCH even when such things were not fashionable. I do not claim to know the plight of others, but I stand with any who are discriminated against. I believe as a nation we are better than the worst of us and have a long way to go to the best we can be. We are mere teenagers in the game of nations, and we are acting as such. We lash out, scream, throw temper tantrums, and callously step on the feelings, and rights of others. But we are capable of so much more. We are capable of taking this pain and wounding we carry and transforming it into greatness.

I ask that you choose to breathe, and think before acting; particularly on social media. I ask that before you you judge someone a hateful person, or see their actions as 'show', you take a breath and ask yourself how you truly want to engage with the situation. If the person is important to you, wait until you are calm, and have a real conversation. Don't lash out in anger, for it will only feed the fuel of hatred that is bubbling up in our country, and world. Let us become wiser, let us think of the generations to come, and let us recognize the baggage we carry personally.

spreading love- salicrow

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