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My Irish Twin

Sali & Sandy

My mother was 15 years old when she had me & 16 when she had my sister Sandy.  I do not have any memories of my life before Sandy came along.  As children we were often dressed alike in matching outfits with only the color being differant.  We have often talked about how we were suppose to be actual twins, but I was impatient and she likes to take the scenic route.    Our parents were both young and wild, with our dad just getting back from Vietnam and our mother being a teenager.  We moved around alot.  I had moved 14 times by the time I was 9…I stopped counting then.   We even lived in a campground for 3 or 4 months when my dad decided he didnt want to give money to the ‘Man’ anymore.   At 5 when my sister Stahr was born & I started school we did get a little more settled, but only a little.  We were always well taken care of- never went hungry or to school in rags, but our life was anything bur conventional.  We spent a good portion of our lives growing up with Grammy Brown (my great grandmother).

I love my sister Stahr and as adults we have a great relationship.  But as children  Sandy was my partner, sidekick and one of my best friends.  There was  nothing that I couldn’t tell her, nothing I could say that she would think is strange, nothing that I experienced that she would not believe…because she was seeing and doing it too.  When we were young children we would talk about being other people, not pretending to be other people but remembering being other people.  We had dreams of past lives in which we could both individually describe the same house.  We communicated with others…like the people on the other side of the mirror.  I don’t think we actually thought about who they were, but now I know that they were Spirit guides and ourselves.  When I say we communicated with ourselves I mean we were talking to our adult selves. ( I will later post an entry about my experiences through the looking glass.)

There is a special kind of magic that comes from walking this world with your twin.  Our bond is one that often doesn’t need words, although if you know us you know that words are something we do not lack.  I beleive we arranged this situation for ourselves before birth, making our journey as Psychics easier as we have someone who knows and understands completely what we are talking about.   I am thankful for the blessings that the Universe bestowed upon me this lifetime…freedom to use my gifts without fear of prosecution and a companion for the road.  I have had many other companions join me on this spiritual adventure, but its nice knowing someone has been there from the start.

spreading love-Salicrow

SANDRA BARRETT (Sali’s sister) is a Natural Psychic whos work is geared toward deep healing of the soul.  Her deep love of nature & connections to the Ancestors of this land guide her in work.  She has worked with the Tarot and Animal cards for over 2 decades.  Sandra is a Reiki Master and Interfaith Minister who specializes in Ceremonies that mark the Sacred passages of life (weddings, handfastings, funerals, coming of age, etc.).  You can contact Sandra Barrett by friending her on facebook or calling (802)473-0996

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