Messages from Spirit…the Purple Room

As a Medium, I like to consider myself a guest at other peoples family reunions.  In fact there are some families I have done Seances for so often, I probably could attend their family reunions…as long as brought Grandma with me.  The Dead have a much easier time watching over the loved ones they have left behind, as their living family members are like candles drawing them home.  Watching is much easier for the Dead then making direct connection.  In this way a Medium is often required, for a Medium is more like a Lighthouse drawing them close and shining light on the situation.  Often when working with people, passing messages from their Beloved Dead I find myself describing simple things that are happening in the lives of the living.  This is a common way for Spirits to show their loved ones that they are watching over them and know what is happening in their lives.  These are often the stories that touch me the most, for they truly shows the guardianship loved ones who have crossed over hold for us.


Throughout the years of working with Spirit, I have experienced this over and over again.  Spirits sharing with me changes happening in the life of the ones they love who are still living.  They are watching, they are looking out for us and they are listening.  The problem seems to be with the ability to communicate directly to the Living.  They are able to watch those they love through the candlelight our souls provide for them.  If you are missing someone who has crossed over into Spirit, talk to them, share away…they are listening!  Thanks for listening folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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