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Messages from Spirit…Forgiveness

Time is not linear. Einstein proved that time was relative & life experience has enforced the reality of this for most of us. Sometimes I remember being 15 like it was yesterday, with a vividness that seems so close it couldn’t possible be nearly 30 years ago. This stretching of time seems more relevant at the end of our lives when we are remembering all that has come to pass. Moments of sorrow & pain are often remembered with such vitality that we can find ourselves visiting them over and over again. When these events are connected to someone who has crossed into Spirit it is often harder to let go of, particularly if things were left unfinished. The story I tell today is of forgiveness and healing.

Early on in my work with the public as a Medium I did a one on one session for an elderly lady. She lived alone, her husband having passed many years before. Although they had many years together in which their relationship was strong, there were skeletons in the closet of their relationship. Things that happened long ago, but wounds of the heart are not easily forgotten…specially if they are never dealt with in the light of day. When their relationship was young they struggled with raising a large family, farming and providing a life during hard times. During this time the husband had an affair. It was a long term affair which caused much pain and humiliation to the wife. Although she moved on with her life, it came back to haunt her after his passing…for they never discussed it. When she spent hours alone by herself, it was her constant companion. A companion she did not talk about to others, for her pain was hers to keep. When we met so she could speak with her husband, I knew nothing of this. I saw before me a sweet, old lady coming to talk to the man she missed dearly. When he began to communicate with her through me the first thing he did was apologize.  He talked about how much regret he had for the pain he had caused her. He admitted to his wrong doings of infidelity as well as the lack of respect he showed for the sacrifices she made in taking care of the family. He had been a drinker early on in their relationship and found that when times were tough it was easier to escape into a bottle and the arms of his lover. All the while his wife, diligently took care of their children, animals & home. His words were sincere (one of the benefits of my skill is I can feel the emotions of the Spirits I am communicating with).  He truly was sorry for his actions and seeking her forgiveness.

When we pass into Spirit we spend a good deal of our time looking over our lives as well as seeing how our actions effected others. We see how much we have meant to people we love, we observe them as they sit for hours thinking about us-the good and the bad.  This is not a form of punishment, but a way of learning.  A way of seeing how our actions do matter.  It is not only the damaging things we see, but the deep love and commitment our loved ones have for us.  Over my years as a Medium working with the public, I have become accustomed to being the messenger of apologize.  And I am always thankful for being able to help people heal, both the living and the dead.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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