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LIMBO uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition.

On Tuesday I flew out to Portland, OR to take care of my son; who had an emergency appendectomy on Monday, while visiting friends. Since then we've been camped out at a Comfort Inn in Beaverton, Oregon as he recuperates; which is a seven-day hiatus at least, as you can't fly after surgery. Over the last few days, my environment has consisted of a clean & efficient hotel room, hanging by the Barbiesque Dream Pool, and walking a mile loop every morning with stops at the Cannabis Shop (yay! Oregon is legal & super cheap), the Starbucks, and the nice grocery store.

The repetition of my days; waking in time to eat the complimentary breakfast; drinking crappy coffee (sorry, I am a serious coffee snob), and yogurt, the same room, the same walk, has me thinking about LIMBO a lot! There is a timelessness to the waiting; whether it is for birth, death, or recovery, there is a buoyancy to reality that makes us feel apart from the world.

The strangeness of it all has me thinking deeply about the Limbo state of Betwixt & Between, and how times such as this; when we are waiting to recover, for a child to be born, or for the ones we love to cross into spirit, are moments of initiation, moments when we can shift our consciousness, step away from what no longer serves us and start the next leg of our journey.

While the experience is always different for those who are actively going through the transition of birth, death, and recovery, it is experienced by all; including those who are there as support. All who play the supporting role also walk through the wyrd door of reality; where self-reflection comes from a different perspective.

Like the Fool in the Tarot; such waiting places us upside down and asks us 'Who are you really? Who are you when taken out of your normal routines, and creature comforts?' Life is filled with wyrd opportunities to step away from our routine self; moments when time stands still and our minds expand. Learning to lean into the essence of the moment and ask 'Now what?' is a good way to start.

In many ways I was ready for this slow, still, step outside of my regularly programmed life; albeit not overly fond of how it showed up. That being said, I had actually had a planned vacation for most of the time I was here and was able to shift my work to Zoom for the days I was supposed to work. My planned vacation was intended to be a slow-down and think vacation, filled with writing and life path contemplation. I did get a bit of writing in, and even more life contemplating.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program of my life- we fly home tomorrow.


spreading love-


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