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Not everyone goes to their death with grace and comfort! Some souls enter the spirit world carrying a heavy burden of past misdoings; created by themselves or others. These misdoings do not have to be the cause of death, they can simply be the unprocessed years of pain and abuse that were not dealt with in life. The Troubled Dead are those souls who need a quiet place to reflect and heal...

When someone dies violently, at their own hands (suicide, overdose, years of self-abuse), or at the hand's others (murder, manslaughter) there is often a lot of unfinished business as the soul experiences an untimely exit from life. The same is true of the person who dies suddenly of a heart attack without ever making peace with the abuse they experienced in life or the person who holds onto their bitterness and hate until they die old and alone in their vitriol.


While we all must review our life upon death, the troubled dead are more likely to need some extra time for reflection and are often put into what I call time-out. THIS IS NOT A PLACE OF PUNISHMENT! Much like placing a child in time-out so they may reflect on their actions, and see things from another perspective, troubled spirits find themselves in a more secluded afterlife until they have fully processed their wounds and those they have created in others. While a spirit is in time-out, their sole purpose is to look at their life and those whom their actions affected. If they are the ones who have been violated they will see the bigger picture, (This does not excuse the actions of the violator) helping them to understand the why of the situation. Even when there is nothing we could have done to avoid our fate, reviewing it in such a way helps us to make peace, as we see that it was unavoidable, and not our fault.

When we cross into death, the volume of our emotions is turned down. This is of vital importance to our ability to heal and process our life. Using the analogy of a volume dial on a stereo to measure our emotions; most people go through life with their emotions set at about three-four, while those who suffer from anxiety and depression are experiencing their emotions at about eight or nine. When we die that dial is turned down to about a two, allowing us to review our life with a more muted emotional response; much like watching a movie. We still have an emotional response, but it is muted, allowing our analytical consciousness to view our story with more clarity.

Time-out is a place of healing. Often those who find themselves there are accompanied by helping spirits; ancestors and loved ones from their previous lifetimes, who are there to help them heal. They are also able to watch over those they loved and who loved them. This can be a difficult thing to do, as often their death has left a wake of broken hearts, but remembering that their emotions have been turned way down, they are able to do so with clarity, and far less pain than would be experienced in life. With this in mind, we can help our troubled dead by healing ourselves and continued prayers for their healing.


You will need- photos, items of memorabilia, sacred or religious items favored by the dead or yourself, a tealight candle

1. Choose a shelf in your home that can be used specifically for an altar, seeing it as sacred only place things on the altar that you intentionally want there. When working with an ancestor choose a room that the spirit would be comfortable in (generally the kitchen or living room), where you will see it regularly.

2. Decorate your altar with photos, and memorabilia that remind you of your dead, in the case of the troubled dead choose photos where they were happy and healthy, as we are putting our focus on healing. Place a candle on your altar for interactive use.

3. Spend time with your Beloved Dead every day (or as often as you can), lighting the candle on the altar and sitting for five minutes or more, talking to them, praying for them, and sending reiki to them in spirit.

4. Take another few moments focusing on your own healing, that which is woven into their life and death. Knowing that as we heal ourselves we help our dead to heal as well.

5. Make a ritual of your interaction, speaking out loud, choosing a similar time each day, and asking your beloved dead to give you a sign they are around. Making note that we must let go of words like maybe, kind-of, and think so when it comes to how we receive their messages.

Believing in reincarnation it is easy to see how the healing process continues into death and future incarnations. It is never too late to heal! For those who have lost someone to a troubled death take peace in the fact that their suffering has been greatly lessened, and they are healing! Make an effort to heal yourself from the pain caused by their death; visit them through a spirit medium, go to counseling, and get some healing work done. Your healing directly helps those you have lost to heal as well. Be kind to yourself!

spreading love-salicrow



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