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Growing up Psychic

my great grandmother, Florence Isola Brown

My father was raised by his grandmother, Florence Isoloa Brown or Grammy Brown as everyone called her.  When I say everyone, I mean the whole town.  She was an amazing women.  Born in 1900 she raised her children by herself after leaving an abusive husband.  She then turned around and raised my father and his brothers who were her grandchildren & in part had a great deal to do with raising me and my sisters who were her great grandchildren.  Grammy Brown was a ‘Wise Women’.  She was skilled with herbs and folk remedies and was a natural Medium.   People came to see my grandmother for advice and to speak with their ancestors who had passed.   From the time I was a very small child she would tell me “Spirits talk to you Sali, it’s OK”.  It was said in the same casual manner in which you would comment on the color of someones eyes or hair…”You have Brown hair and Blue eyes Sali”.  In this manner I was raised to think that Spirits communicating with me was just a part of life.  The manner in which my gifts were developed were in great part due to the loving, playful way my grandmother intereacted with me.  I was never taught anything directly.   When I had my major breakthrough in ‘Spirit communication’ 10 years ago I discovered that the reason my Grammy Brown kept talking to me about Spirits was because my guide Peter had been telling her about me since the time my mother became pregnant & how I too would speak with the Beloved Dead.

I spent a lot of time with Grammy Brown while I was growing up.  She was my favorite person in the world and I clearly remember wondering if God would be mad at me that I loved her more then him.  My time with her was often spent sitting around a table playing cards.  She loved cards, Solitaire in particular.  She would spend hours sitting and playing.  As someone who uses cards as my preferred tool in Divination I often wonder if she too was using the cards for more then a game (I guess I should ask her).  I  know she used cards as a tool to help me develop my abilities.  She would play games with me for hours.  I remember playing Rummy and Memory games with her thinking she must be letting me win, because I was so good at it.  Now I know from communicating with her that she was not letting me win, but helping me to develop my psychic gifts.   Anyone who has played cards with me in a small setting when I am not interested in socializing will soon realize that I dont forget what has been placed down.  In Memory games I will often have 90% of the cards….in Rummy I always win by points and it is usually a landslide win.  My father has often joked about taking me to Reno or Vegas.  The only problem there is I am too public of a figure as a Psychic…so I would most likely be escorted out of the establishment by Vinny or Guito.

When Grammy Brown died I was 12 years old and had never  heard the word “Psychic” before.  It wasn’t until I was 13 and read ‘The Dead Zone” by Stephen King that I came in contact with that word.  I remember reading it and thinking I do not want my gifts to open like that…suddenly and overwhelmingly.  I believe I was telling the universe what I was willing to do and what I wasn’t.  By the time I was a teenager I knew that my gut feelings were more then just a hunch & had a great interest in actively engaging with those who had passed over.  I am so thankful to this day that I was born into a family who taught me to embrace my gifts and be thankful for them.


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