Graveyards, Books, and Gardens

This summer my sisters Sandycrow and Magpie (Corey Raynor) made a pact to spend our summer adventuring around Vermont & New Hampshire. It is our hope to inspire others to explore their backyards, visit their neighbors and see how magical their own neighborhoods are. So sit a spell and enjoy our visit..

This week's story-telling adventures take a little southwest of the Kingdom, visiting Rochester, Randolph, and Barre, VT. where we visit my publishing house, a couple of fabulous Wisdom Keepers (and their gardens), and some fabulous Graveyards in the Granite city.


A few weeks back Sandy and I made the journey to Inner Traditions to celebrate my friend and publishing agent Richard Grossinger, and his wife (author) Lindy Hough. It was my first time visiting, as I switched publishing houses during the pandemic. My first book JUMP GIRL, the Initiation and Art of a Spirit Speaker was published through North Atlantic Press. While there I got to meet members of my publishing team, who help make all the magic happen, and a handful of other Inner Tradition authors (Sophie Strand, Anne-Marie Keppel, Ruslana Remmenikova, and more).

INNER TRADITIONS has specialized in books for Body, Mind, and Spirit since 1975 and offers many fabulous writers and subjects.

KUYA'S- Randolph, VT

After leaving Inner Traditions, and hitting a few yard sales & thrift stores Sandy and I stopped at Kuya's Sandwich shop in downtown Randolph where we met the owner Patty. The food was fabulous (even for a gluten-free-dairy free diet), Sandy and I split a gluten-free Ruben that was out of this world delicious and washed it down with an Iced Coffee (yes they have almond milk). Patty was super friendly, and we found ourselves visiting with her the entire stay. We talked about the town, how they were working on revitalization, and even discussed the idea of a SPIRIT GALLERY this fall. Patty was also kind enough to point us in the direction of Eternal Returns.


Located on Merchants Row in Randolph, ETERNAL RETURNS is a cute little shop with an old-school website, no social media, you have to find it to know it! What it lacks in media presence it makes up for in style. Vintage clothes, Silk-screen upcycles (particularly of the Heathen/Runic kind), and apothecary goodness make this little shop a must-stop if you're in the area, it's worth the look!


My friend and fellow Wisdom Keeper, Barb Bauman is a Reiki Master, Monarch Butterfly momma, and a magical macrame artist! Knowing we had to be down in her neighborhood for the gathering at Inner Traditions we stopped into Barbs for a cold glass of Hibiscus Tea, a foot soak in the frog pond and a tour of her beautiful property. Barbs field was filled with Fox Glove and Milk Weed; the latter being good food for the Monarchs. Her home was inviting, and her healing room was absolutely delightful.

Growing up I remember my parents were always driving about to visit friends. They seldom met in restaurants and public venues; instead choosing the intimacy of home visits. Somewhere along the way this form of socialization fell out of fashion, but I am here to say...bring back cards around the table, backyard BBQs, and soaking your feet in your friend's frog pond! We need to remember how magical our worlds are, and how fun it is to share time in our friend's backyards and woodland trails!


My friend Jamie from the Upper Pennisula of Michigan stopped in for a visit, after taking an herbal intensive weekend with Pam Montgomery (another Inner Traditions author). While Jamie was here we played in the elements...campfire, coffee at Lake Willougby in our PJs, and a trip to Sandy's house to explore her magical gardens. Nothing like hanging around a fire, and chatting by the lake with friends! Both Jamie and I went into the lake, even though it was about 60 degrees the morning we went!