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Finding balance in times of Trauma

Our body is a sensitive machine.  It responds directly to the food we put into it as well as the emotional situations we experience.  In times of trauma we often find ourselves out of balance, unable to shake feelings of sorrow, helplessness and doom.   This is in part due to a disruption of the Root Chakra.  The Root or base Chakra is located approximately 3 inches below your groin and is one of 7 Chakras (energy centers) that make up the Kundilini.  Most alternative medicine acknowledges and works with the Chakra system.  Each of the 7 Chakras is connected to differant parts of the body, as well as having spiritual and emotional connections.   Like I said we are a complex machine and we need a lot more then food to run efficiently.

The Root Chakra is often referred to as the basement or foundation of the body.  When the Root Chakra is open or healthy we feel safe, secure, and grounded.  When it is blocked or unhealthy we often find ourselves feeling nervous, fearful and overwhelmed.  As I said earlier in times of trauma our Root Chakra becomes blocked or unhealthy.  So what do we do about it?

First…we must stop replaying the trauma over and over again, this is particularly important in times of large scale tragedy.  The media makes a fortune off of our sorrow.  Tragedy and violence sell.  It is a sad, terrible fact…we are drawn to it like a moth to the flame, and in reality all that constant viewing doesnt do a damn bit of good in the healing process.  I am not asking you to forget or excuse atrocities.  I am simply telling you that you will not get better, nor will people as a whole get better by repetitively viewing violence or tragedy that has occured.

Second…lets work on bringing some healing to that Root Chakra so we can recenter, find our balance and begin to make some positive changes in the world around us.   This will take a few moments so find a comfy spot and relax.  Below is a medition/visualization for balancing the Root Chakra.  You can read it now and do it after as its pretty simple.

*Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply through your nose.  Place your hands palm down on the tops of your thighs near your hips (remember the root chakra is located 3 inches below the groin).  In your minds eye visualize or sense a glowing red orb sitting in the middle of your lap.  As you inhale imagine you are bringing in healing, love and balance.  As you exhale release anger, sorrow and pain.  Continue to do this for about 5 minutes.  With every inhalation see the red orb in the middle of your lap getting brighter, with every exhalation imagine you are releasing blackness or smoke through your nose.  The inhalation fills your root with love and peace, the exhalation releases pain and anxiety.  This is a simple meditation that can be done as often as you like (just not while driving…the eyes need to be open then folks).  If you are a Reiki practioner, make sure to send some energy to the Root while you are there as well.

My third thing to do in times of Trauma to bring balance is….SPREAD LOVE.  Counter the horrific.  Remember negative thought and experiences are no more powerful then good, we just talk about them a lot more.  Our thoughts and actions do make a difference.   So go out there and do something good.  Shovel the walkway for your elderly neighbor, donate to the Santa fund, volunteer at the animal shelter, smile and say hello to the people in your neighborhood, share beautiful moments in life on your social media instead of things that piss you off.

Be the change you want to see in the world….be a force for Love and Kindness!

spreading oodles and oodles of LOVE-Salicrow

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