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Dreaming of the Dead

Dreams are one of the most common ways people experience spirit communication!

When dreaming our minds are open, and we believe anything possible. This helps move our consciousness through the barrier of belief, that prevents us from connecting with our dead. While people may question whether their experience was indeed a visitation; upon waking, we do not question what we experienced in the dream. For some of us, there is a moment in the dream when we become lucid, and at this moment we realize that our loved one is with us. We know it for what it is, communication!

Keeping a dream journal or Book of Shadows is a great way to track your experiences, and develop your own symbolic language. Click on the button to learn how-

There is often a moment in the dream when something makes the dreamer aware that the person they are visiting is dead, and that they are dreaming. Often the shock of the revelation will shock our consciousness and wake us up. With practice, we can resist the urge to immeditely wake and learn to utilize that time in the dreamworld to visit with our Beloved Dead. This space in the dreamscape can also be entered through journeywork!

The first step to developing a relationship with our Beloved Dead is to believe it possible! Whether we are experience our loved ones our dreams or through other forms of communication, when we believe it is possible we will begin to experience more and more contact!

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