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Cleaning house & becoming the Light...

The Holidays are over and many of us are feeling the heaviness of too much; too much food, too much drink, too much shopping, & too much peopling. We have partied, and hob-knobbed to the best of our capability and we simply feel spent. Not only are we tired, but so our homes and offices. It's the perfect time for some spiritual housekeeping...

That's exactly what some of us Witches @ the Grindstone did!

We had been feeling a heaviness in our space since around the time of Samhain. This was not completely surprising as we Witches have a tendency to flow with the seasons. So we did what busy witches do; we smudged, drummed and did little bits of spiritual upkeep through the holidays. Hustling along from one Witchy event to another; through the hub of running a metaphysical emporium, cafe & wellness center during the holidays, and finally the busy settled and we found ourselves here, today on the 9th of January ready to energetically power-clean our space. Our focus on becoming light!

Becoming the Light-

Our work today came after a conversation my sister and I had last night around the chaos we were feeling in the world, and in our wellness center. As the Grindstone is Shamanic in its flavor of healing, the Healers, Psychics, and Teachers who work here are all pretty comfortable working in the dark. In fact, we often correct people when they ask about our spa services by saying "We are really more of a snot and tears kind of place". This statement makes light of the fact that we do deep, soul-level healing here; the kind of healing that moves things, takes commitment, and changes lives. That being said, we recognized that the overstimulated buzz of the outside world and the constant growth and healing of the folks who work here & come through our doors for guidance and healing were creating a tension that needed removing.

My sister Sandy (Auntie Baba) and I have journeyed (traveled on the astral plane) together since we were toddlers; having grown up in a family with psychic gifts. We were taught from a very young age the importance of living in sacred-relationship with nature and the spirit world; first guided by our great-grandmother in this practice, we had developed it to a fine art before we ever lived apart from one another. Now in our late 40's it is something we simply do. Last night we journeyed separately; from our own homes, and shared our viewings with each other this afternoon. As it is always, we were viewing the same things, and the answer we came up with was 'We must be the light!'

Now before you start thinking I have gone all 'Holy-roller' on you guys, hear me out. We both saw light and love as the only true way to fight the powers of darkness that are heavy in our world today. The darkness I speak of is the darkness that we are all experiencing; it comes in the forms of greed, corruption, repression, as well as through the actions of those who manipulate and spin dark spells of hatred and jealousy. When looking at those forces for what they are one realizes that all of these traits come out of pain. We must remember that we can not change something by using the same force against it. To truly be a change in the world is to spread love and hold light out for those who still stumble in the dark. That by no means is to say we should be passive in the face of adversary, but instead, it is to say we must become empowered by the light that we each carry inside of ourselves.

We were joined in our work today by our 'adopted' soul-sister Magpie who just returned from Albania with travel-magic oozing out of her pores. Travel-magic is one of my favorite kinds of juicy goodness, for it sets my soul on fire. Just hearing other people's tales of their sacred journies is enough for me to be transported to my most open, connected soul place. Magpies energy; filled with the vitality of soul exploration was a great addition to our working. As Elders in our spiritual community, we 3 have worked magic together many times and we soon combined the essence of expansiveness to our working, fully understanding what we wanted to achieve. We had a powerful plan of action.

We filled the Grindstone with as much energetic light as we could muster up; opening our hearts to shining light into every corner, charging the place with love and goodness, our light reminiscent of a light-house shining into the shadow, providing a lit path for those looking for guidance and safe footing. While we did this Morrigan held the light we generated on a separate floor of the cafe, directing the energy as it moved through her body in a cone of power. All the while, Terri served coffee at the cafe with a smile on her face, telling people who asked about the drumming and chanting the truth; that we were performing a ceremony to bring positive energy into and through the wellness center. The people who asked commented on how good the place felt, and were genuinely interested in what was happening. Almost immediately after we ended our ritual, the place filled up with people who had never been into the place before, commenting on how they just felt like they should check it out.

When magic is done with good-intention it feels good to everyone! Magic done with ill intent will inevitably bite us in the backside no matter how bad-ass it may feel to lash out with our pain and frustration. That's why we really need to check our intentions when we have feelings of jealousy, pettiness, and spite. These are not good spell components folks! These feelings are simply a reflection of our personal wounding, and when we create through magic and prayer we really want to think about the ingredients we use and remember that what we put out comes back to us 3 fold. With that in mind, I keep my magic on the side of Light.

Want to engage in this super-power yourself?

If you are looking to clean and clear your own space and become a beacon of light, here's a short little house-clearing spell for you all to try out.

You will need- a mirror (any kind will do, but a small standing mirror is ideal), a white candle, your favorite crystals, spiritual items/tools, and a drum or rattle if you have one. If you do not have a drum or rattle, get a metal pot and a wooden spoon (remember we are practical witches).

Place the candle in front of your mirror, and set your crystals and spiritual items around the candle, making a working altar. I love altars and find they are most powerful when the items you place on it are chosen for how they make you feel. So don't get stuck in worrying if you are doing it right or not, this is your it your-way!

Light your candle and settle down with your drum/rattle/kitchen pot, and take 3 deep breathes in through and out through your nose. Engage in Wide-Angle Vision-look down your nose and focus your eyes on the peripheral. With each inhale imagine that there is a bright white light in the center of your heart, with every exhale spread that white light around you until you fill your entire home/business with the light. Now begin to rattle/drum, and allow yourself to hum, sing or tone as you do so. Imagine you are singing a love song to your environment, and you are filling each and every corner of your space with a brilliant white light. As you build up momentum with your sound, focus your imagination until 'you are the light'. Continue your chanting & drumming for at least 10 minutes, until you feel fully energized. When you feel a bit of buzzing in your energetic body (or at the end of 10 minutes for those of you who are still building up your psychic sensitivity) release your light in a final shout; imagining the light shooting out of you and saturating your home/business in a soft white glow. Your spell-working done you can finish up by smudging the space; getting rid of any residual energy that is not needed.

Happy space clearing folks. I hope you join us in spreading light & love this year. Be the light in the darkness!

spreading love-


*Curious about what it's like to grow-up with Psychic abilities and magical training? Make sure to check out my memoir...

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