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Ancestor Altars

Death can be lonely! Swallowing up our loved ones and leaving us sitting with our sorrow. It steals the words that would be said to comfort us; as often those who we would speak to our the very ones who are now gone. There are times when it feels like no one could possibly understand the pain that we feel in our loss, and all we really want is to connect for just a moment with our Beloved Dead.

*Ancestor Altars are sacred spaces created as a place to give honor to our Beloved Dead and to connect with them when our hearts feel heavy and are in need of guidance.

*There is no right way or wrong way to create an Ancestor Altar, as they are made for our personal use and the spirits we are choosing to honor.

*You can have one altar for all of your Beloved Dead or have individual altars to honor particular spirits you are close to.

*Decorate your Ancestor Altar anyway you wish. Photographs, personal memorabilia, religious symbols, and crystals are great items to use.

*Place cremation remains of your Beloved Dead on the altar if you have them.

*Place your Ancestor Altar in the heart of your home (usually the kitchen or dining room), or in a personal room if you feel it best.

Our ancestors like to be remembered and honored with personal offerings. Stories, songs, and poetry are great offerings; simply sitting and speaking out loud or thinking about times you remember with your Beloved Dead is a great way to honor them. Our beloved dead also like to be remembered through their favorite foods, drinks, and smoke.

Partaking of their favorite things as you sit and talk to them, or leaving an offering on their altar for a day is a great way to remember them with love. Offerings are gifted energetically, the spirit will not physically consume your offering, so clean up your old offerings. What is remembered lives!

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Saturdays in September and October are booked with Public Spirit Galleries, I will share details as events get created!

Spirit Gallery w/Salicrow

Rootstock Retreat, Glover, VT

September 9, 2022

Individual and Group Spirit Communication w/Salicrow


SPIRIT SPEAKER, A Medium's Guide to Death and Dying

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1 commentaire

Donna Hood
Donna Hood
05 sept. 2022

Thank you so much for your words, sometimes I feel like you are speaking directly to me. I miss my son so much!

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