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The Wisdom Keepers Path to Spiritual Seclusion Group

The Wisdom Keepers Path to Spiritual Seclusion Group


Over the next few weeks, we will be asked to step into a more solitary form of existence. The word isolation is so demoralizing and it causes a great deal of fear to bubble to the surface. Recently a friend of mine posted a meme talking about how they prefer to consider themselves
'Exiled for the good of Humanity', stating that it was more mysterious and sexy. My response was to say that I prefer to see myself as being 'sequestered away on a spiritual journey'.

Many of you reading this are Wisdom Keepers in your own communities. You are the voice of reason that your children, friends, and neighbors turn to in times of need. When times are tough we; the Wisdom Keepers, need to put our eye on the goal. We need to stay focused, to find our purpose and to not give in to the fearmongering that surrounds us. While I will remain offering videos a few times a week on my professional Facebook page Salicrow, Psychic Medium. I will also be offering something deeper for those who want/need a bit more help staying centered, and for all those Wisdom Keepers out there who are in need of a place to connect with a strong, purpose-driven community.

I will be asking a nominal fee of $10 a month (hopefully only one month needed) for the time I and my assistant V put into making this possible. When you follow the link on my website you and join me on this sacred journey, we will together learn to utilize this time of seclusion for connecting better with yourself and the world around you. Here's what you will get...

*Connection through a private Facebook group, 'The Wisdom Keepers Path to Spiritual Seclusion'
*Daily Facebook live video's with Salicrow, focusing on ways to stay grounded and grow spiritually.
*Homework assignments-that bring purpose to the forefront and help us to connect more deeply with our higher self.
*A great community of purpose-driven folks who are looking to be part of the change.

For those of you looking to dive deeper into the waters of Intuition keep an eye out for my upcoming Video classes...

ORACLE, Reading the Web-
Divination through storytelling and the Tarot

HEALING THROUGH THE WEB- Advanced Distant Healing
Group Healing, Crystal Grids, and Sacred Connection

  • After the Purchase

    Please send a friend request to Sali Crow on Facebook. Send her a PM letting her know you have purchased a subscription to this group. Once your purchase has been verified you will be sent an invitation to join the Facebook Wisdom Keepers group. 

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