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Yuletide Divination

Divination is the art seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.

When we consider the fact that supernatural simply means beyond sciences ability to comprehend, and the that many things that are now known to be true were once beyond sciences ability to understand, we begin to see Divination as science yet unexplained or better yet an art form much like music. One can create music without practice, just as a person can have spontaneous moments of divination, but both arts are strengthened through training.

There are many tools, techniques, and traditions surrounding divination, and all of them work with enough time and study. Not everyone is going to become a 'Psychic', but all have the ability to develop a relationship with the fates. We all have a touch of the supernatural in us; the power to connect with our higher selves, and the ability to forecast the direction our life path is heading. The best thing we can do when developing our skill in divination is to pick a tool and stick with it. Dedicate time to forming a relationship with it. I recommend learning one divination form at a time, particularly if you do not have significant experience with random psychic events.

The Tarot is my first and deepest love when it comes to divination tools. I love the intricacy of the imagery and the ease in which the cards can weave a story together. That being said I also have a deep, personal relationship with the Runes and can use pretty much anything or nothing at all to divine the past, present & future. In this last statement, I would have you remember that tarot, runes, tea-leaves, bones, clouds, etc are simply tools to trigger the mind. The real art of divination takes place in the vastness of the 'Seers' consciousness; in the energetic chakra of the Third-Eye.

Now that we are better acquainted with how tools work in divination, there are some other factors to consider. Like, 'what are you asking about?' Asking the proper questions make a huge difference in developing one's psychic comprehension. So does focusing our intent; making your divinatory spread one with a particular theme, such as 'What does my career path look like?'. When we pick a focal point for our psychic viewing we begin to interpret the cards/runes/leaves as if they are telling a story about that which we seek. As our ability develops we get better at asking and receiving, so be patient with yourself.

With these things in mind, let's get down to the topic of this blog & divinatory focus ...Yuletide Divination. Yule is the celebration of midwinter and the longest night/shortest day of the year. It is a time to celebrate both the long dark and return of light. This dualistic nature asks us to both releases that which is passing and embrace that which we are becoming. It is no surprise that our modern tradition of 'New Year's Resolutions' takes place just days after the longest night. In our deep psyche, we all seek out these opportunities to release and grow.

The Yuletide Reading is focused on self-growth; what we need most in our current life, with equal acknowledgment for both our light and our dark, that which we are calling to us and that which we moving away from. This reading is best done between the Dark Moon on November 25th & the New Moon on December 26th. This time phase holds the essence of darkness and light both through the phases of the moon and the returning light of the Winter Solstice Sun.

Keywords/focal points-release, reduce, remove, increase, activate & celebrate...

If you are new to divination I suggest you start with the tool you feel most comfortable with (runes, tarot, etc.); I will focus on the Tarot as it is my favorite. Take the time to create a comfortable, engaging environment for your work. Light a candle, put out a nice table cloth, place your favorite crystals and smudge the room. Close your eyes, taking a few deep breathes, letting go of any of your every day worries. This is very important if you want to get a clear reading. As you breathe turn your focus inward and begin shuffling the cards (tumbling the runes, stirring the tea, etc.), allowing your consciousness to become connected to them as you do. Remember tools are an extension of our consciousness, they work with and through our minds. Focus your thoughts on personal transformation, on letting go of things that no longer serve us and calling in that which we are becoming.

As you place your 6 cards on the table you will do so in this order, face-up. The cards are placed in the form of 2 triangles, the first triangle facing down represents that which we no longer serves us'remove, reduce, release', the second triangle facing up represents that which we are becoming.

The downward-facing trine...

Starting with the upper right-hand corner place your first card while focusing on that which we must reduce in our life, the second card is placed in the upper left-hand corner focusing on that which we need to remove, the third card is placed at the bottom of the spread focuses on our release; that which we can not control.

The upward-facing trine...

Starting with the lower left-hand corner place your first card while focusing on the things we must activate in our life, the second card is placed in the lower right-hand corner while focusing on that which we must increase, and the final card is placed at the top of the spread representing that which we should celebrate in our life.

Like always, take the time to journal after or during your reading. I personally recommend during; write down your thoughts as you progress through each card. As much as we would like to say we will remember it, most of the time we do not. Plus writing it down gives you the opportunity to reflect back and see how accurate our divination is. Practice and study are required in developing talent.

If you're looking for a professional read on the Yuletide spread, I will be offering them both in person and by phone throughout the holiday season. Connect & Schedule @

spreading love-salicrow

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