Wyrd Winter Carnival

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect Vermont winter day, with fresh sticky snow and lots of sunshine, perfect for building snow sculptures, roasting hotdogs over a fire, and gathering with friends safely. It was a true blessing as you cannot ask or truly even predict whether you will get such conditions, which means your gatherings either need to be spontaneous or willing to work with what you get. As my apprentices are many we must rely on our ability to be flexible and work with what we get as scheduling is important. That being said we do have a good relationship with the elements and land spirits.

This winter I have spent more time outside than I have since I was a kid. The 'Serial Community Builder' in me (my friend Emily actually gifted me with a silver spoon with the words 'Salicrow Serial Community Builder' on it) needs people, and more so I need to support people, so I made sure my land was ready for doing so. After building stone temples last summer the Wyrd Weavers (my apprentices) and I turned our work to building a second and third fire pit on my property. The one getting the most use is the one right off the driveway. We cut and carried wood out of the forest, utilizing the dead and downed trees we had to clear away making paths. We gathered kindling and bits to make our fire building easier, and we reclaimed a piece of old sheet metal roofing from when I recently had my roof redone to place over our fire when we were not using it, making it far easier to clean it out anytime we want to use it (I highly recommend this).

We gathered to build snow sculptures as part of the Winter Carnival I am hosting on my private Facebook group 'Wisdom Keepers'. I have been running the private online community since the beginning of the pandemic, starting it as a way to support those who are always supporting others; hence the name Wisdom Keepers. In every community, there is always someone who people go to before going to the doctor, lawyer, etc., that person is the 'wise-one' of their tribe or family. I knew I couldn't support everyone who would need it, and felt the best thing I could do was support those who were supporting others. When I began the group I thought it would be only for a short time, as a way of getting through the sacred seclusion we were forced into during lock-down, but over time it became obvious that this group was here to stay.

Here's a link to Wisdom Keepers if your interested in joining-